Metropolis Leading Lady Kaity Paschetto Makes It’s Showtime with Rikki Lee Debut

by Rikki Lee Travolta

Just recently I got to enjoy Kaity Paschetto’s starring turn as Morticia Addams in the big-budget musical comedy The Addams Family at Metropolis Performing Arts Centre in Arlington Heights. The show was one of their best in years and it’s largely due to Kaity’s talents. She’s a leading lady in high demand.

This week, I’m honored to have Kaity Paschetto as the guest on It’s Showtime with Rikki Lee. In case you missed the news, our little radio show and podcast is ranked as one of the Top 250 entertainment news programs in the world on Apple Podcasts. Apparently, people are entertained by our blend of journalistic thinking and a playful sense of humor. Glad to know what we do works!

As I mentioned, Kaity earned rave reviews for her performance in The Addams Family.

Susan Lillis of Splash Magazine called Paschetto “stunning” and “mesmerizing”.

Alan Bresloff of Around the Town echoes the sentiment saying, “the sultry and sexy Morticia is played to perfection by Kaity Paschetto (WOW!)”

In my own review of The Addams Family for Life and Times, I state, “Kaity Paschetto simply owns the role of Morticia Addams.”  

And it’s true. She really did capture the role. She was one of the main reasons the show was so good. In fact, in the review I  go on to call Kaity’s performance a “work of art.”

In addition to talking about Kaity’s most recent role at Metropolis, our It’s Showtime with Rikki Lee interview also focuses on her next project at the suburban Chicago theatre. Paschetto is currently guiding rehearsals as the choreographer for the Metropolis production of A Christmas Carol starring Steve Connell.

In this fresh approach to the Charles Dickens holiday classic being directed by the company’s new artistic director Brendan Ragan, the creative staff has worked with playwright Jacqueline Goldfinger to add a new character to the story. Almost like a fairy, Winter is a nonverbal, but integral dance character who translates the emotional temperament of the story into movement.

I have a long history with A Christmas Carol. My first professional acting role was as Tiny Tim in a television broadcast of the Charles Dickens classic. I revisited the show as an adult as well, and have seen other versions as a member of the audience.

While I think A Christmas Carol is fine entertainment, you can probably understand that I didn’t have much interest in seeing another production anytime soon. All that changed talking to Kaity. Her description of this new dance character absolutely enthralled me.

“Now you just got the guy who never wanted to see A Christmas Carol again, wanting to see A Christmas Carol,” I tell Kaity during our talk. (It also doesn’t hurt that the upcoming Metropolis production stars Steve Connell who I rank as the Best Scrooge in Chicago).

When she is not wowing audiences with her singing, dancing, and acting, Kaity teaches the performing arts at the School of Performing Arts at Metropolis Performing Arts Centre, R&B Dance Center in Wilmette, and Above the Barre Dance Academy in McHenry.

My advice to young people who want to explore a career as a performer is that if you want to be the best, then study with the best. Here’s the chance to study with a true star like Kaity Paschetto. Grab the opportunity – book your classes now.

The It’s Showtime with Rikki Lee interview with Kaity Paschetto airs on 101.5 FM WHRU out of Chicago’s Huntley community on Friday, October 20, 2023, at 3 PM Central. If you are outside the broadcast area, you can stream in real-time at

But if you are jonesing for your It’s Showtime fix, have no fear. You don’t have to wait. For extra eager listeners, the Kaity Paschetto episode is also already available as a podcast on Apple, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Google, Amazon, and all other major podcast platforms.

From platinum-selling recording artists, to Hollywood A-Listers, to Broadway stars, to local up-and-comers looking for their first break, our goal with It’s Showtime with Rikki Lee is to put listeners in touch with the world of showbiz – around the world and close to home.

I hope you’ll give this week’s show a listen. Perhaps you’ll also take the opportunity to catch up on some of our exciting past episodes.

Peace. Love. Trust.

Rikki Lee Travolta


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  1. I enjoyed Kaity in Ragtime, and look forward to seeing her in A Christmas Carol with my favorite Scrooge, Steve Connell. Kaity is a definite talent blessed with a lot!

  2. Thank you for your thoughts on Kaity. She is very talented, and an absolutely lovely person. And, Steve Connell is the best Scrooge in Chicago (no offense to Larry Yando who is also magnificent).

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