Glam Punk & Metal Greats ‘The Zeros’ Take Hysterics on the Road with Town-by-Town Tour

Kicking off the Town-by-Town Tour, Glam Punk legends The Zeros are taking their world-famous theatrics and comedy rock on the road across the U.S. one town at a time.

Fronted by Sammy Serious, the purple-haired glam rockers burst to fame after writing the theme song to the Howard Stern Show – helping him gain international fame as one of the world’s most listened-to shock jocks, eventually landing on the hit television show America’s Got Talent.

On Saturday, July 15, Sammy Serious and Danny Dangerous of the original Zeros lineup that tore up the Sunset Strip alongside Guns N’ Roses and was memorialized on the hit album 4,3,2,1…The Zeros will lead the icons of comedy glam rock in headlining at Stages in Santa Ana, CA.

Featuring the epic glam-punk songs Sticky Sweet Girls, Zero to Mom, Do You Want Some More?, and Love’s Not Fair, the album 4,3,2,1…The Zeros paved the way for current glam metal rising stars Steel Panther. Subsequent releases by The Zeros included the cult classic anthems Pina Colada BANG!, I’ve Got My Name, and Rule the World.

Now considered a quintessential glam rock must-have, 4,3,2,1…The Zeros has recently been rereleased by Warner Bros.

“All across the country, fans have been clamoring for The Zeros to come to play their town, and we love playing live. So, we’re going to take the show to the towns our fans invite us to at the venues they recommend,” says Sammy Serious. Hence, the Town-by-Town Tour.

On the bill for the July 15 Zeros show at Stages in Santa Ana, CA are Rising Elijah, Black Star Sinners, the RJB, If I Fall, Incomplete Monday, and Zach Kirkorian. It should be a night of intensely great music, capped off by the hilarious antics and catchy hooks of The Zeros.

“Until Steel Panther invites us to be their opening act, we’re going to be crossing the country town by town the old school way – meeting the fans that adore our music in the cities they call home and the clubs, and they love to party at,” explains Sammy Serious.

Taking the lead from bands like Kiss and Spinal Tap, The Zeros took on the mantle of being the crown jesters of metal in the 1990s. They sold out the clubs on the Sunset Strip, landed a major record deal, appeared on movie soundtracks, toured the country, and earned legions of fans around the world.

A recent reunion show at The Whiskey of the classic 4,3,2,1…The Zeros lineup drew fans from all across the globe. The outpouring of support for the glam punk pioneers prompted the band to launch the Town by Town Tour to continue to connect with the people who still love great glam metal.

“Let us know where you want us to play next,” says Sammy Serious, inviting the public to pick the path The Zeros will follow on their campaign to entertain. “We’re coming to your hometown, so get ready to take a Zero home to Mom!”               

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