Mind Reader Jacob Mayfield Comes to Steel Beam Theatre

Step into the Steel Beam Theatre this Fall for an experience that will leave you questioning reality.

Starting October 20th just in time for Halloween season and running through November 4th is a live demonstration of mind-blowing psychic powers at one of the area’s most beloved theater companies in beautiful downtown St. Charles.

Mind Reader Jacob Mayfield is renowned for his enthralling performances that will dazzle your brain as he tickles the neurons with seemingly unearthly powers.

Truly, it is a show like no other. And, it’s one you and your friends will remember for the rest of your lives. Mayfield captivates the imagination with his astounding abilities in telepathy, ESP, and psychic phenomena.

As followers of the amazing mind reader tell the newbies, “There are no clichéd rabbits or top hats here!” It’s all about the power of the mind.

Instead of pulling animals out of hidden pockets, Mayfield’s show is a unique blend of magic and mentalism that pushes the boundaries of what the human mind even thought was possible. 

Best of all, this isn’t just a show. A Jacob Mayfield performance is an interactive journey where the audience becomes the star. 

Throughout the evening, Mayfield will draw sounds of awe and amazement as he pulls thoughts straight from the minds of members of the audience. It defies the laws of nature.

Seeing Mayfield’s mind-reading abilities is something you should really experience for yourself.

I encourage you to go see Jacob Mayfield and make it a point to have him read your mind. Then, prepare to be amazed, intrigued, and thoroughly entertained as he tells you things from your mind that defy explanation.

Best of all, the show is fun for adults, teens, and pre-teens. And if you want to bring someone under 12, you can rest assured that there is no inappropriate content in the show.

Steel Beam Theatre is located at 111 West Main Street, 2nd Floor, in downtown St. Charles. There is ample free parking in the area.

Get your tickets online now at www.SteelBeamTheatre.com

To contact the Steel Beam Theatre box office call (630) 587-8521

For more information on Jacob Mayfield for private bookings visit www.MayfieldMagic.com

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