‘The Elvis Conspiracy’ Wins 9th Best Screenplay Award

Proving that the sun shines on everyone at some point, I am so pleased to share the news that The Elvis Conspiracy has earned top honors for Best Feature Script in the Gangtok International Film Festival.

The GIFF award is the nineth Best Screenplay accolade for The Elvis Conspiracy in the last five months.

The Elvis Conspiracy is an alternative history thriller screenplay that reimagines the legacy of Elvis Presley and Col. Tom Parker by incorporating popular and obscure conspiracy theories as if they were true.

My goal is always to create projects that entertain people and do things in a way that is unique and adds to the creative canvas of society. I am absolutely honored at the attention The Elvis Conspiracy is receiving and the support that I get from people of all walks of life who have fallen in love with the script.

Alternative history is a quickly growing genre that takes real historical figures and events and gives them a completely fictional revision. Recent successes in the genre include Oscar-winner Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and Critic’s Choice and Producers Guild of America winner Weird: The Al Yankovic Story.

Elvis is always an interesting topic in Hollywood, and it is a particularly hot theme right now. Elvis starring Austin Butler and Tom Hanks was a recent Oscar-nominee. Another biopic on the King and his wife, Priscilla, is currently filming under the watchful eye of Sophia Coppola. Netflix also offers Agent Elvis, a cartoon in which Elvis Presley is a superspy.

I love it when a writer takes an established idea and turns it on its head – gives it a completely fresh perspective. When you can take a hot topic and give it a totally unique twist, it can really resonate. It creates a story people want to see and experience. That’s what I have tried to accomplish with The Elvis Conspiracy.

At the end of the day, a true artist will be proud of the level of creativity they have exerted. The business aspect of entertainment, dictates that success is based on the dollar amounts collected from those appreciating the art. My hope is that The Elvis Conspiracy balances the two and people will have the chance to enjoy it.

If you’d like additional information on The Elvis Conspiracy, please get in touch with us through the contract methods on this website.

Peace. Love. Trust.

Rikki Lee Travolta


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  1. I can not wait until they come knocking at your door to make this wonderful script into a movie!!! Congratulations again! BRAVO!

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