Defending Pamela Anderson and Her Autobiography Hollywood Revelations

Pamela Anderson has been dominating the news as of late as she promotes her new autobiography Love, Pamela.

However, some of the revelations in her book have met with controversial responses and denial of events by other celebrities. For instance, in the book Anderson reveals that in her first acting job on the hit series Home Improvement, the show’s star Tim Allen flashed her on her first day filming.

Allen was 37 at the time of the alleged incident, while Anderson was just 23. According to Anderson, Allen thought it would be funny to show himself naked to her because he had seen her naked in Playboy magazine.


Allen has since denied the incident. Of course, Allen is quoted in John Middleton’s book Land Your Dream Job: High Performance Techniques to Get Noticed, Get Hired, and Get Ahead as saying, “Men are liars. We’ll lie about anything if we have to.”

Anderson has laughed off Allen’s denials saying she understands that from a PR standpoint, he has to deny the facts. Inappropriate sexual advances and demands have been a spotlight subject in Hollywood, particularly in the wake of guilty verdicts against disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein.

As someone who works in PR and who has also been in the headlines as an entertainer, I have definite insights into the world of the truths and denials that some celebrities have to make.

I am the former head of PR for Empire Today and still handle publicity for celebrity clients including Steven Adler of Guns N’ Roses fame. In the past I’ve worked on marketing accounts for artists like Janet Jackson, Extreme, Sting, Crowbar, and Soundgarden.


I actually got into PR after having to navigate a series of ridiculous tabloid rumors when I was a young leading man. One of those rumors was that I was romantically involved with Pamela Anderson, Jenna von Oy, and Anna Nicole Smith.

I fully recognize Pamela Anderson as one of the most beautiful women to have ever walked the earth, but to the best of my knowledge we haven’t even met. And, while I know Jenna von Oy and think she is a beautiful person, we were never anything more than platonic friends. I have acknowledged my experience with Anna Nicole Smith in the past.

That’s the way the media often works in today’s modern age where journalistic integrity and unbiased reporting are no longer always stressed in favor of sensationalized headlines and making money. When you have organizations like FOX News, NewsMax, and One America News Network that seem to have no interest in telling the truth, unsubstantiated rumors can be incredibly debilitating to an artist’s career or a company’s reputation.

That’s not to say all media is bad. PBS, Associated Press, NPR, The New York Times, Reuters, CNN, NBC News, CBS News, Bloomberg, and The Wall Street Journal are all prime examples of news organizations that still maintain a dedication to journalistic standards. But the bad apples like FOX News and Infowars certainly don’t make finding the truth easy at times.


Anderson is also the subject of a Netflix documentary entitled Pamela, A Love Story. In the program, she reveals that Sylvester Stallone once offered her a condo and sports car to be his “#1 Girl.” ‘

Like Allen, Stallone has issued a public denial of Anderson’s revelation. I have the utmost respect for Stallone as a writer, actor, and director but I don’t see why Anderson would make something like that up. There’s no benefit for her.

As media consumers, we have a responsibility to question things that we hear that don’t add up. Generally speaking, if someone says they’ve never met a person they’re reported to have had an affair with, then photographs come out that show them together – it says something about the overall validity of the rumor.

I am a fan of Pamela Anderson. She’s never going to be up against Meryl Streep for heavy dramatic parts, but she uses what she has to the maximum. Recently she made her Broadway debut as Roxy Hart in Chicago. That’s quite an accomplishment for someone with no entertainment aspirations who was discovered while sitting in the bleachers at a Canadian Football League game.


Next up Anderson will be hosting her own cooking show (Pamela’s Cooking with Love) on Food Network Canada, focusing on plant-based recipes. She also uses her fame as an activist for animal rights and other important causes.

As I said, I don’t know Pamela personally, but I know the entertainment industry and I know she has always seemed to be honest and upfront with the media – even on uncomfortable subjects like former husbands Tommy Lee of Mötley Crüe, Rick Salomon and Kid Rock.

So, she’s got my vote of confidence. I hope her book Love, Pamela sells well, her cooking show is a smash, and doors continue to open for her. It makes me happy when good people succeed.

Peace. Love. Trust.

Rikki Lee Travolta


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