Bret Michaels Fans will Love Smoking New Single: ‘Back in the Day’

Poison is one of my favorite bands of all time. And, a big reason for that is lead singer Bret Michaels. The dude has charisma.

The multi-platinum selling band has sold over 55 million albums worldwide. Their Top 40 hits include Fallen Angel, Talk Dirty to Me, Nothing but a Good Time, I Won’t Forget You, and Life Goes On among others. Their music has also been in such hit films as Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Grandma’s Boy, and Deuce Bigelow-European Gigolo. In 2012, VH1 ranked them the Top Hair Band of the 1980s.

Michaels either wrote or co-wrote many of Poison’s most famous songs including their biggest hits like broken hearts anthem Every Rose Has Its Thorn, sexually suggestive Unskinny Bop, and pseudo-spiritual Something to Believe In. Simply put, Bret Michaels has a gift for writing great music.


Indeed, Michaels has proven himself to be a prolific songwriter. In addition to the songs he popularized with Poison, the highly skilled artist also wrote Love’s a Hard Game to Play for Stevie Nicks as well as equally compelling works for other singers.

While Michaels is at his best playing with Rikki Rockett, Bobby Dall, and C.C. DeVille, Michaels also loves to tour and release music with his solo band. Now, Michaels has released the solo single Back in the Day, along with an accompanying music video.

The reason I respect Michaels so much is because of how he uses what he has to the very best of his ability. Michaels doesn’t have the operatic vocal range of Steve Perry or Sebastian Bach, nor does he have the acrobatic abilities of someone like David Lee Roth. However, he takes the many talents he does have and busts his ass every night delivering great music and a great show.


Back in the Day is an excellent song. Rhythmically and lyrically, you can tell right away it’s from the mind of Bret Michaels. It has his trademark style written all over it.

My favorite Poison song is an obscure one: Strange off the 2000 album Power to the People. Michaels new solo tune Back in the Day definitely has the same vibe – reflective lyrics, simple power chords, and a juicy chorus.

The video is also very entertaining, featuring Michaels singing and playing guitar in front of a green screen that features projections of snapshots and videos from Michaels’ life – from childhood to the recent Stadium Tour with Mötley Crüe, Def Leppard, and Joan Jett.


The video is simple but effective, putting the emphasis on the song’s catchy musicality and reflective lyrics. It shows that with the technology available today, you can make a very impactful and entertaining music video without a big production budget.

Lyrically the song reflects on Michaels’ teen years and subsequent career in entertainment. In addition to touring the world and making hit records, Michaels is a recognized Casanova. Michael’s lyrics for Back in the Day reflect this affinity for celebrating being young and free when “the radio played our favorite songs.”

Like many Bret Michaels songs, Back in the Day is a feel good tune. It creates just the right ambiance for kicking back with a doobie and enjoying the “memories we hope that will never fade.”


In addition to being a radio-friendly potential hit, Back in the Day serves to kick off ticket sales for the Bret Michaels 2023 Parti-Gras Tour that also features Steve Augeri of Journey, Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray, Night Ranger, and Jefferson Starship.

The 2023 Parti-Gras Tour currently has dates scheduled for Clarckston, MI; Burgettstown, PA; Holmdel, NJ; Mansfield, MA; Gilford, NH; Camden, NJ; Maryland Heights, MO; Tinley Park, IL; Noblesville, IN; Tampa, FL; Alpharetta, GA; and Charlotte, NC.

Bret Michaels is one of the most enthusiastic and hard-working entertainers alive. I have never heard a single person say they had a bad time at a Bret Michaels show.

Back in the Day is a great new single with “radio hit” written all over it, and of course you’ll want to make plans to hear Michaels and his solo band blaze this song and others during the 2023 Parti-Gras Tour.

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Peace. Love. Trust.

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