‘Pandora Boxx: The Boxx that Rocks’ Will Make You Giggle and Swoon

Pandora Boxx, a hilariously skilled comic and exquisite drag queen with a style all her own, recently kicked off 2023 with the launch of her one-woman show The Boxx that Rocks at the beautiful Metropolis Performing Arts Centre in Arlington Heights, Illinois just outside Chicago.

Metropolis is a delightful performing arts venue. They have a spacious, inviting stage that can host either large scale theatrical productions or intimate performances with an equal level of comfort. The staff is top notch, and they are embracing a new approach to booking that includes outside the box shows like that of Pandora Boxx.


Pandora Boxx is most widely known for her appearances on the hugely popular reality shows RuPaul’s Drag Race, RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars, and RuPaul’s Drag U.

I must admit, I am not the prime demographic for Ms. Boxx. I have never seen a drag show. Nor have I ever seen an episode of a single of any of RuPaul’s reality shows. In fact, I had no idea who Pandora Boxx was when I saw the advertisement for the show. But, I have an open mind and thought it sounded like fun. Boy, was I right!

The show began with Pandora taking the stage in all her glory in a black gown, sporting a gorgeous blond wig highlighted with pastel pinks and purples, and an ample amount of glitter. She is simply breathtaking.


For the opening number, Pandora engaged in a very funny lip sync routine featuring pop song segments and excepts from famous movies. Ms. Boxx worked it hard, laughingly admitting at the end of the opener that perhaps she isn’t in the same shape she was before the pandemic.

What ensues is two hours of entertainment featuring standup comedy, music videos, stunning costumes, and lip sync routines. The throughline is comedy. Everything Pandora does is grounded in comedy.

For most of the show, Pandora sticks to what seems to be a rough outline of a script. She covers topics like what it was like for her as a pre-drag queen child. Her monologue on remedial gym class is absolutely hysterical. She also tells some delightfully horrific stories about her early experiences with fame.


I don’t want to reveal the specifics about Pandora Boxx’s routine, because that would spoil it for those who might want to see the show themselves. And, I assure you that I fully encourage everyone to do just that – see this great show.

Instead, let me focus on an example topic. During her one-woman act, Pandora gives an account of showing up for an event and the stage amounting to a one-foot tall platform in the corner of an attic. In my own experiences as an entertainer, I have had showed up to events to be just as shocked at the lack of amenities. But to hear Ms. Boxx retell her experience is a great way for everyday people to know what its like working with unscrupulous promoters and questionable performing situations.

Pandora’s music videos are not graphic, but they certainly are suggestive. I doubt any right wing nutjobs would be in the audience at a Pandora Boxx show, but if they were there, they would probably run scared. However, most people would not be offended by the videos. Shocked? Perhaps a little. But offended? No.


Throughout the evening, Pandora tried to keep to the script, but her most charming and meaningful moments came from her unscripted moments. While she would routinely censor herself after launching into political topics, I don’t think Ms. Boxx needs to do that. The people who would go to a show like this are not going to be offended by her calling Donald Trump a giant orange turd or emphasizing that truth-challenged U.S House Representative George Santos is not representative of the drag queen community, despite the recently discovered fact that the Republican hardliner used to perform in drag.

Another thing that stands out in The Boxx that Rocks is Pandora’s interaction with the audience. She has a quick wit, and the audience absolutely adores her.

Ms. Boxx definitely has a mouth on her. The F-word is a particular favorite. But again, it is not done in an overly offensive way. If you’ve heard swearing before (and who hasn’t) you won’t hear anything new.

I applaud Metropolis Performing Arts Centre for booking Pandora Boxx for her first live show since 2019. And, the preshow opening by Interim Artistic Director Robbie Simpson got the crowd revved up and excited about the evening and what the theater company has planned coming up in the future.

Pandora Boxx: The Boxx that Rocks is a truly great show and will get even better as the luscious drag queen tightens the script and gets back in dance shape. I highly encourage this wacky, wild night of fun.

I’m proof positive that you don’t have to be a drag queen aficionado or a RuPaul addict to enjoy the comedic skills of Pandora Boxx. If you have an open mind and a good sense of humor, you’ll will not want to miss this show.

For more information on Pandora Boxx at www.PandoraBoxx.com.

For more information on Metropolis Performing Arts Centre and the other wonderful productions they have scheduled visit: www.MetropolisArts.com

Peace. Love. Trust.

Rikki Lee Travolta


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