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I love movies. I also love television. They are both great mediums. But it all started with theater – live performances of actors performing without a net. And there is still something special about seeing brilliant actors delivering the lines of the world’s greatest playwrights live and in person.

Broadway World is one of the leading media sources for coverage of live theater. In addition to covering all things about New York’s Great White Way, covers theater events and personnel around the world.

The world in general loves award programs. We have the Oscars, the Emmys, the Tonys, and the Grammys to name just a few. In that tradition, giving local theater a national stage, Broadway World presents the Regional Theatre Awards each year.


The Broadway World Regional Awards celebrate the best in theatre for 68 different U.S. major metropolitan areas ranging from Anchorage, Alaska to Tampa, Florida. Infusing the awards with an international flair, there are also honors celebrating theatre in nine different countries.

In order to make sure that these regional awards reflect the communities they applaud and the preferences of the public, Broadway World encourages everyday people to vote on their favorite performers, creative personnel, and productions.

Categories for the regional awards include Best Play, Best Musical, Best Ensemble, Best Performer, Best Director, and other big-ticket titles. There are also awards for such categories as Best Scenic Design, Best Costume Design, and Best Theatre for Young Audiences. In total, voters can cast their ballot for 21 different races per region.

I first became aware of these regional and international awards a few years ago when I was nominated in the Broadway World Chicago Theatre Awards for my role as R.P. McMurphy in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. This was one of my most cherished performances, so it felt amazing to be acknowledged in such a way.

The nominees for the 2022 regional awards have been announced, and voting is underway. You can vote online through December 31st.


This year, I had the great pleasure of appearing in the hilarious Paul Rudnick comedy I Hate Hamlet for Elgin Theatre Company in the greater Chicago area. To our great honor, I Hate Hamlet has been nominated for seven prizes in the 2022 Broadway World Chicago Theatre Awards:

  • Best Direction of a Play – Regina Belt-Daniels
  • Best Ensemble Performance
  • Best Play
  • Best Performer in a Play – Rikki Lee Travolta
  • Best Supporting Performer in a Play – David Gasior
  • Best Supporting Performer in a Play – Trace Gamache
  • Best Supporting Performer in a Play – Travis Greuel

Being nominated in the Best Performer category puts me in the running along such stars as Emmy-winner Sean Hayes in Good Night Oscar at the Goodman Theatre, Jeff Perry in Steppenwolf’s The Seagull, and Chris Perfetti in Steppenwolf’s King James. What a tremendous honor!

While I fully expect Sean Hayes to win the Best Performer in a Play award, I do appreciate those who have voted for me (or plan to). Mostly, I encourage you to vote for my director and co-stars who made this such a great ensemble production.

If you want to voice your support for the Elgin Theatre Company production of I Hate Hamlet, you can cast your vote at

Of all the categories I Hate Hamlet is nominated in, I am most proud of our Best Ensemble nod. The show was a success and critically acclaimed because of the talents of the entire ensemble. In addition to David Gasior, Travis Greuel, Trace Gamache, and myself, the ensemble also included the amazing Karen Mayberry Greuel, Alison Thomas Hage, and Andrew Ross.

For I Hate Hamlet to receive so many nominations is a testament to the directing talents of Regina Belt-Daniels. From selecting such a gifted cast of actors to using her skills to draw out each individual’s best performances, Belt-Daniels deserves the highest praise.


I love the beautiful paintings. I love brilliant musical compositions. I love a good book. But when it comes down to it, theatre is my favorite art form.

I encourage you to support live theater in your community – everything from Broadway tours to the local theatre group putting on a classic or a premiering a new work. It’s all worth applauding for. And, please, instill a love for theater in the children in your life as well.

To find the regional awards program in your neck of woods, go to:

Theatre is one of the most magnificent art forms to enjoy. You can bask in the brilliance of a fine performance just as you bask in the summer sun, absorbing its goodness. 

Every performer who has the bravery to take the stage and bare themselves literally and figuratively for the enjoyment and approval of audiences, deserves the utmost respect. If you can take a few minutes to voice your support for your favorite theater creatives, your praise will speak volumes.

No matter what, please support live theater. Take in a live show at least once a year – more if you can. Your soul will thank you.

Peace. Love. Trust.

Rikki Lee Travolta

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If you would like to show your support for Elgin Theatre Company’s I Hate Hamlet, please cast your vote at:

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  1. I HATE HAMLET was the success it was because of the entire ensemble and staff. And because it was a well written play that you wanted to do! Truly an honor to be nominated let alone recognized—and I thank you for stoking my ego with what you wrote!

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