New Claim from Donald Trump: “You Could Say I Invented Bacon”

While Donald Trump is actively promoting false stories about the violent attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul by a MAGA follower, he is also reportedly making other suspicious claims that could indicate an even more serious part with reality than previously suspected.

According to guests at the Mar-A-Lago resort where Trump lives in Florida, the former reality TV personality has been bragging that he “invented bacon.”

“I said pork is good food. There should be a way to have it for breakfast too. Fry it. Make it sizzle. That’s what I said because in terms of food, that would be good food. You could say that I invented bacon,” said Trump, per multiple sources.

“It’s like when I saved Christmas,” allegedly elaborated Trump. “Don’t you remember? There was no Christmas. The Democrats killed Santa and made Christmas illegal. But I saved it. I single handedly brought back Christmas.”

According to guests at Trump’s exclusive Palm Beach property, Trump didn’t end his claims at just suggesting he “invented bacon.” He also elaborated on the religious standing of the breakfast meat.

“I told Jared he had to try bacon. He said he couldn’t because he’s Jewish,” related Trump, referring to his son-in-law Jared Kushner.  “I told him bacon is too good. I’ve invented something so good. We’ll have to do something about this Jewish thing. Everyone has to be allowed to have bacon, especially the Jews because I love the Jews. I have always loved the Jews. I have done more for the Jews than anyone in history.”

According to the Jewish faith, followers of the religion are forbidden from eating pork. The rule is clearly reflected in Leviticus 11:3, stating that only animals like cows, sheep, and deer that chew their cud and have divided hooves should be consumed. Pigs, on the other hand, should not be eaten. This ban is also repeated in Deuteronomy 14:8.

“I said we have to do something about this Jewish thing and this bacon thing and all of these things. So, I did it. I did it myself because when you are powerful and have a big brain like I do, you can do these things,” said the former president.

“I surprise myself at the things I can do. Did you know a president can change religion just by thinking about it? That’s what I did. I changed the Jews. I made it okay for them to eat bacon,” Trump reportedly continued.

This is not the first time that Trump has indicated he has the power to change rules just by thinking about them. He has previously claimed he declassified official government documents just by thinking about doing it. The validity of this theory of being able to declassify documents with unspoken thoughts has run afoul of the National Archives and Records Administration and the U.S. Department of Justice.

Kushner, who is married to Trump’s daughter Ivanka and served as a senior advisor to the president during his one problematic term in office, has not issued any statements on if his faith now allows him to eat bacon.

In addition to his claims that he invented bacon and changed the Jewish religion, Trump also has become obsessed with spreading false claims that he lost the 2020 election because of widespread voter fraud. Despite multiple lawsuits, investigations, and hand recounts, there has been zero evidence of any widespread voter fraud. Trump’s own administration, including then-Attorney General Bill Barr, have repeatedly debunked his claims.

In fact, Kushner and Ivanka Trump both famously pushed back against Trump’s claims that he lost the 2020 election because of widespread voter fraud. Both testified to the United States House Committee on the January 6th Attack that the former president’s claims of voter fraud are without merit.

Donald Trump’s grasp on reality has been increasingly questioned in recent years. He has also claimed he never met women who he’s had sexual encounters with, despite photographic and DNA evidence. In fact, during his time in office, the Washington Post tracked over 30,000 false claims by Trump.

Trump has also claimed that he has done more for Black people than Martin Luther King Jr. and other minority leaders, and that he is still president and still has guests over to visit him at the White House despite being years removed from the presidency and now living in Florida.

Paul Pelosi, the husband of the Speaker of the House, was attacked with a hammer by a follower of Trump’s MAGA extremist political movement in late October. Since that time, Trump has taken to the airwaves with false conspiracy theories denigrating the Democratic American businessman.

Peace. Love. Trust.

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