The American Taliban

Two factions have developed in the Republican party. There are Traditional Republicans and MAGA Republicans – and the two are very far apart.

Traditional Republicans like Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger follow in the path of respectable Republicans such as Mitt Romney and the late John McCain. They are conservatives, but not nut jobs. They simply provide a reasonable alternative to Democrats and Independents.


MAGA Republicans, by contrast, take the approach of lie, lie, lie – then attack, attack, attack.

Demonstrating a criminal disregard for the law, they parrot Trump’s ridiculous lies that he performed so awfully in the 2020 election because of “widespread voter fraud.” They make these outlandish claims without any evidence. Why don’t they present evidence? Because there isn’t any. Trump and his cronies simply make stuff up.

Most of these MAGA Republicans know full well that there was no shadowy voter fraud, just like they know there is no such thing as an Antifa militant group attacking the rule of law or that Trump’s statements that President Barack Obama was born in Africa and is a radical Muslim are pure fiction. They lie without blinking an eye. They don’t care about the American people or supporting a democratic society. They have fully embraced a desire to force America into a Christo-fascist dictatorship under fake Christian Trump.

Indeed, when it comes down to it, disgraced MAGA Republicans like Ron Johnson, Lindsey Graham, and Rand Paul lie for a living. They know what Trump says are lies, and they back him anyway.


Then there are the delusional MAGA Republicans like Marjorie Taylor Greene, who are so gullible they actually believe the lies that Trump spins. Remember Greene is a believer in QAnon, a cult following of Ron Watkins’ accusations that Trump is engaged in a secret war against a cabal of satanic cannibalistic pedophiles headed by Hillary Clinton and Oprah Winfrey and operating out of the basement of a pizza parlor.

Greene also believes that Jewish Space Lasers are responsible for forest fires and that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, former President Barack Obama, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and former Secretary of State John Kerry should be executed. Yes – she is so deranged and out of touch with reality that she feels people with different political views should be killed.

It makes sense, in a sick way, that Greene and her fellow QAnon buddies in the American Taliban would call for the death of political opponents. Their “leader” Donald Trump advocated shooting peaceful protesters and jailing public servants who don’t offer blind allegiance to his lies. And, of course, when his deranged followers called for the public execution of then Vice President Mike Pence during Trump’s January 6 attempted coup, he said it was a good idea.


Ex-CIA director Michael Hayden has given voice to a rising belief that there is no political force more dangerous than the Republican party. Details of the statement reveal that he is indeed talking not about all Republicans, but rather specifically about Donald Trump-inspired MAGA Republicans.

According to Hayden, there has never been a political force in America more nihilistic, dangerous and outright contemptible as today’s Republicans. In fact, the only thing that comes close to Trump’s political vision is Adolf Hitler’s Nazi party.

Just like Hitler’s Nazis told the German people about how all their troubles were caused by evil Jews, MAGA Republicans take great joy in telling the American people that Democrats and minorities are the cause of all the country’s woes. And of course, it’s all made up.

MAGA Republicans accuse Democrats of all the things Trump has been guilty of – things like wanting to establish a fascist regime and politicizing the Department of Justice to attack enemies. MAGA Republicans also say that Democrats are waging a war against Christmas, that windmills cause cancer, and that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin should be trusted more than the CIA or FBI. You would be hard pressed to find anything logical in the way MAGA Republicans think.

When it comes down to it, Maga Republicans are more of an evil cult than a political party.


Ronald Reagan would be turning over in his grave right now over the deterioration of the once proud Republican party into a militant hate group. Just imagine Reagan’s reaction to Trump colluding with Russia to cheat his way into the White House in the first place. Any true Republican would be aghast at Trump’s allegiance with a hostile foreign enemy.

MAGA Republicans don’t even take positions on issues anymore, they just make up stories about their opposition. In fact, former President George W. Bush campaigned against Trump in 2020 because Bush values country over party – and it is clear Trump is the greatest threat to democracy since the Civil War.

According to MAGA Republicans Blacks, Latinos, and other minorities are all evil and bear the responsibility for all the problems in the U.S. According to the MAGAs, big businesses paying minimum wage while raking in record profits aren’t at fault for people living in poverty. No, it’s because of immigrants taking away all the good jobs. You know those “good jobs” like picking fruit under the hot sun for pennies on the dollar or washing dishes in restaurants for sub-poverty wages.

There will always be liars like Donald Trump, Ron Johnson, Lindsey Graham, Kevin McCarthy, and Rand Paul and there will always be gullible people who believe those lies. That is truly sad.

The difference between Traditional Republicans and MAGA Republicans is that Traditional Republicans like Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger work for the good of the people while MAGA Republicans work for the good of Donald Trump, Trump’s bosses in Russia, and the Koch Brothers.

MAGA Republicans truly are the American Taliban.

Peace. Love. Trust.

Rikki Lee Travolta

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  1. This column was absolutely brilliant and absolutely correct! Well done! I just wish the delusionals who need to read this would, and wake up!

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