Dot’s Pretzels are Addictive Snack Food Crack

I have an addictive personality. If I like something, I like it more than just a lot. I find that I don’t just want it, I need it. I go through a physical and psychological craving of such intensity it feels like my life depends on it.

I have been sober for over seven years. I have been cigarette free for close to that as well. Neither experience of quitting was enjoyable.


In the case of alcohol, I had to go through rehab to kick the addiction. It was very hard at first, but with the help of AA, I made it through. Now I am to the point that it’s not even a thought in my head.

Cigarettes I quit on my own. I didn’t want the health risks and was tired of the drain on my pocketbook. It took numerous attempts to get over that evil weed. I tried vaping. I tried the patch. I tried the gum. Eventually it just became a matter of sheer will and determination.

I’ve learned that I can never do anything that would likely tempt addiction, because chances are it would happen.

Heroin, for instance, is something that I will never experiment with. Without even trying it, I know I would be instantly addicted. Quite frankly, I don’t want to be giving blowjobs in the train station bathroom for drug money, and that seems to be the destiny of most people who try heroin.

So, I keep my guard up. I don’t try things that have a relative chance of addiction.


Recently, however, something slipped through my line of defenses. I find myself addicted to something once again. In this case, it’s Dot’s Homestyle Pretzels.

I can’t be sure, but I have reason to suspect that the secret ingredient in the “Original Seasoned” pretzel twists is crack.

While I have never done crack, I have heard of its addictive qualities. Once you try crack, you never get rid of the desire for more. The same rule applies to Dot’s Pretzels.

The tag line for Dot’s Pretzels identifies them as “The snack you didn’t know you needed.”

Prior to trying Dot’s I would have pretzel twists or pretzel sticks every once in a while. They weren’t a staple that I had to have in the house at all times.

Dot’s Pretzels are different. I have to have them in house at all times. If my current bag is running low, I don’t wait for it to reach empty to get another batch. Rather, I rush out a buy a second bag so that when the first one runs out, I won’t be without. That’s a hardcore addiction.


Dot’s Pretzels found their origins in the Arizona kitchen of Dorothy Henke and her family around 2009. Dorothy began experimenting with custom seasoning pretzel twists that she bought at Sam’s Club.

After giving away some of her creation, Dorothy was inundated with requests for more. “Obsessed” is how fans of the treats were described.

Fast forward to today, and Dorothy and her family are sitting atop a gold mine. Dot’s Pretzels are available in stores around the country. Retailers like Walmart are selling out as fast as new shipments arrive.

The seasoning recipe for Dot’s Pretzels is a closely guarded secret. Consumers with discerning palates will be able to identify butter and garlic flavors in the forefront of the Dot’s experience. The rest of the spices, though, remain a mystery.


We may never know if crack is one of the secret ingredients in Dot’s Pretzels. They certainly are addictive enough to make one suspect it.

Dot’s also makes other flavored snacks including Southwest Seasoned Pretzel Twists, Honey Mustard Seasoned Pretzel Twists, and Original Seasoned Baked Cheese Curds. However, I haven’t tried any of the spinoff products as of yet. I already have my addiction with Original Seasoned variety.

One doesn’t need to try “frosted crack” or “peanut butter flavored crack” when they already have an addiction to regular crack. The same applies to Dot’s Pretzels – my addiction to the original version is enough. I don’t need to tempt addiction to multiple flavor varieties.

If you haven’t tried Dot’s Pretzels yet, prepare yourself for culinary bliss. They are that good. And they’re a hell of a lot more healthy than heroin.

Peace. Love. Trust.

Rikki Lee Travolta

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  1. I first encountered DOT’s pretzels at the Ace Hardware in Crystal Lake…and not to feed into your fandom, but you do know there is a DOT’s chocolate candy bar with those pretzels and toffee now, right? You should be the spokesperson for DOT’s!!!!

  2. I have never related more to anything in my entire life!! I’m Obsessed. I as well have kicked other addictions. This one is extremely difficult because it’s not alcohol, drugs, or nicotine… It could be the devil though. You can imagine how much I relate because I found this post by googling “Dot’s Pretzels Addiction”. Hello, my name is Amanda and I am addicted to Dots Pretzels… but only The Original flavor. Thanks for the article!

  3. Hi my name is Wanda and I’m a Dot’s aholic… I too found the article googling Dot’s addiction… and yes it’s the original flavor, they can trash the Southwest flavor they’re just weird tasting.. and honey mustard is my ok…😂😂

  4. Dots Pretzels was founded in Velva, North Dakota. There are(were)bakeries in AZ and KS but I am pretty sure they were first from North Dakota. The Pride of Dakota event was the first place I remember seeing them. It seems like 20 years ago. Not many years later they were sold all over North Dakota. Family/friends living in other states would always want you to send them some.

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