The Many People Donald Trump Listens To

Donald Trump has a lot of far “out there” theories and ideas. He says windmills cause cancer. He says injecting yourself with bleach is a way to combat COVID-19. He says that the January 6 insurrectionists who tried to overthrow the country are patriots.

You may wonder, where on earth Trump comes up with these nutjob claims. If you trust the reality show conman, you’d be inclined to believe he gets these fabricated “facts” from “many people.”

In the article “Many People are Saying – That Trump Drives Conspiracies and Gossip” by Gregory Krieg and Jeff Simon, CNN breaks down how Donald Trump routinely throughout history uses the claim of the phantom endorsement from “many people” as the basis and proof for his conspiracy theories.

The article was written in 2016 back when Trump was just a candidate for President, prior to his 30,000 lies told while in office.

Basically, according to Krieg and Simon, Trump’s approach is to justify his ridiculous claims by making up people who believe the same thing. It’s not him saying such outlandish things, it’s “many people” – so therefore it must be true, right?

In fact, it’s believed that in high school Donald Trump told his friends that “many people” knew he had a girlfriend in Canada. At least, that’s according to “a lot of people”.

Coming up a bit short in the facts department, you’d think the “many people agree with me” argument wouldn’t be as widely convincing as it seems to be within the GOP. But, I guess it’s proof that there are a lot of low IQ, very gullible people out there.

Just look at Marjorie Taylor Greene. Even though she “doesn’t recall” participating in an attempt to overthrow the government in cooperation with Trump, evidence is overwhelming that she did. Why? Because she is so dumb, she actually believes Trump’s Big Lie that there was wide-spread voter fraud in the 2020 Presidential election. Of course, it has been repeatedly proven by Trump’s own people that the election was the most secure in the history of the USA and that he lost by over 7 million votes.

In April, disclosed that after numerous recounts by Republicans and their agents in which it was discovered President Joe Biden won the 2020 election by an even bigger margin than originally thought, officials had announced that they’d found 9 whole cases of voter fraud in the state. Ironically, it is believed they were all Republicans.

There are a few other isolated cases of voter fraud around the country, such as Trump’s former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows illegally registering to vote in three states, the most recent address being a mobile home he has never lived in or visited.

It makes you wonder – would this “many people are saying” approach to influencing the gullible work for people other than Trump? Or, do you have to be dumb enough to believe your own lies, as Trump apparently is.

At a recent Republican cocaine and sex orgy, a handsome young man in a wheelchair took a moment to stop thrusting his genitals in his cousin’s face to advise everyone that, “A lot of people are saying they’ve seen the Donald Trump Russian pee video.”

This is interesting because we all know how much Donald Trump hates to be reminded that the public knows about his infamous golden showers obsession and that he’s under Vladimir Putin’s control.

The young man, who was also wearing a woman’s bra and brandishing a loaded gun, continued, “Many people are saying that Donald Trump watching Russian hookers pee makes him look even dumber than before – which is really hard to do.”

This would be the last GOP sex and drugs orgy for this young man. He was recently advised that his services in Washington D.C. are no longer needed.

Making a smooth transition from the world of GOP cocaine sex orgies to the world of adult entertainment, at a recent adult film convention “many people” confirmed Stormy Daniels’ assertion that Donald Trump’s tragically undersized penis looks like a tiny, deformed mushroom.

In fact, “many people” say that Donald’s little penis is the cause of his incredible inferiority complex. “A lot of people” also say that Trump’s obsession with his tiny penis is the reason he allegedly sexually assaulted over 20 women.

“Many people” say that Putin’s personal selection to run for U.S. President, Donald Trump, was held back from running against Barrack Obama because they knew he couldn’t beat him. But that didn’t stop Trump from starting blatantly false rumors that Obama wasn’t born in the U.S.

“Some people say that was not his birth certificate,” Trump alleged to ABC News in 2013, two years after Obama publicly released his birth certificate to quash the baseless, far-right conspiracy theory that Trump had started.

In the Washington Post article “‘A Lot of People are Saying…’: How Trump Spreads Conspiracies and Innuendos”, respected journalist Jenna Johnson explains that “Trump frequently couches his most controversial comments this way” in order to spread a “controversial idea, piece of tabloid gossip or conspiracy theory.”

Since the “many people” that share their thoughts with Trump only seem to make their comments to him, it’s tough to know what they will say next. Perhaps they’ll claim voter fraud in all the cases of the losses of Trump-endorsed candidates.

As much as Donald Trump talks about running for President again, he won’t. Having lost by 3 million votes in 2016 and 7 million votes in 2020, Trump doesn’t want to be a three-time loser.

What is apparent is that “a lot of people” are saying that Donald Trump is far more likely to serve a prison sentence than ever set foot in the White House again. I think that would make “many people” very happy.

Peace. Love. Trust.

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  1. We’re all waiting for that prison sentence!! He’s tasteless, baseless, gross and incredibly fraudulent and sadly we know it won’t change his supporters’ minds…

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