The Donald Trump Secret to Riches – His not Yours

Donald Trump’s self-hyped Truth Social app is failing miserably. Since its premier, Truth Social downloads have continued to drop by as much as 95%. Donald Trump himself doesn’t even bother to post on the app. Like most of what Trump touches, Truth Social is a failure.

The SPAC that agreed to take the investment opportunity public and attracted investors based on Trump’s promises has already missed a filing deadline and is now under federal investigation. The writing is on the wall.

There is no doubt that Truth Social will soon fade away as the latest Donald Trump failed business venture. It joins such business flops as Trump Steaks, Trump Airlines, Trump Vodka, Trump Mortgage, Trump Magazine, Trump Network, Trump: The Game, and Trump University among other business that Trump promised would be huge. But failure was always his intention.

Donald Trump is not in the business of creating successful businesses. He is in the business of creating business failures on purpose.

Here’s how it works:

Donald Trump tells investors he’s got a great opportunity. If you’ve ever heard Donald Trump talk, you know it’s at a third-grade level. He promises huge financial rewards. But these promises are not based on facts – just wishful thinking.

“It’s the best opportunity ever!” is probably about as detailed as his business pitch gets. And there are people just gullible enough to take those promises at face value.

Remember the countless unfulfilled promises that Trump made when running for office in 2016:

Trump promised he wouldn’t take a vacation while in office. In reality he spent 383 days at vacation properties. To put this in perspective in 2019 alone he spent 1 in every 5 days at one of his vacation properties. Adding injury to insult – since they are properties he owns, he was forcing the government to pay his company for him and his entourage to stay there. He not only took more vacations than any other U.S. President, but he also conned the taxpayers into footing the bill.

Trump promised he would replace Obamacare. He served four years without ever producing even a plan for a replacement.

Trump would build a wall and Mexico would pay for it. He spent over $15 billion of taxpayer money erecting an incomplete structure that is already falling apart. Mexico did not pay for any of even this partial wall. But Trump’s business friends who were awarded the building contracts? They made out like bandits.

Trump would eliminate the national debt. In reality he added $7.8 trillion to the national debt.

If elected Trump would release his taxes. Not only did he refuse to do so, he has repeatedly gone to court to try to block any release of them.

In every case these were promises Trump had no intent on fulfilling. He lies to get what he wants. He wanted voters to cast their votes for him, so he lied. He lied about what he would do and he lied about the character, actions, and abilities of his opponents – whether Republican or Democrat.

Donald Trump’s business philosophy is the same as his political philosophy: find gullible people and con them.

Investors fooled by Trump’s promises, fork over their money for his latest get rich quick scheme. Trump pays himself handsomely for his role as figure head of the venture. Eventually the venture goes out of business without ever turning a profit. Everyone gets stiffed, except Trump who walks away with an ungodly profit.

In fact, Donald Trump learned that if you take even trying to make a profit out of the equation, creating business failures can be very profitable. In colleges, there are professors who cite Donald Trump’s business practices as the premier example of how not to conduct business.

As odd as it may seem, it appears that Donald Trump’s secret to riches is based on a Mel Brooks comedy. Just think of the Mel Brooks movie The Producers – a pair of conmen realize they can become rich raising money for a show if they plan ahead to make it a flop. That’s Trump’s business philosophy in a nutshell.

Maybe we should elect Mel Brooks president in 2024.

Peace. Love. Trust.

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  1. trump is finally fading out of sight and into the background with all the other massive losers in history. Goodbye you weak little orange headed, motor mouth. You wasted our time and money. What a horrible creature the ultra right wing found and unloaded on the world. I am so happy to seen hm and his sycophants go!

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