The Cult of Trump – Comparing Russian Military Invasion of Ukraine with US Border Issues

Most of the free world has been horrified by Russia’s unprovoked attack on Ukraine. Vladimir Putin has engaged in old world Soviet Union propaganda to try to manufacture a basis for the invasion. He uses government-controlled media to falsely claim Ukraine has been attacking Russia and has been building nuclear weapons. And Putin cut off the Russian people from all access to actual news sources to keep his people in the dark, but the rest of the world recognize the falsehoods.

All of Putin’s lies have been easily disproven. He is invading Ukraine because he wants to recreate the fallen Soviet Union. According to the Associated Press, should the proud Ukraine people fall to Putin; Moldova, Georgia, Bosnia, and Kosovo will be next. And Putin won’t stop there. He also has sights on Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Montenegro. He won’t stop until he has rebuilt the USSR.

The US, UK, Canada, and the European Union have all put sanctions in place to try to financially wound Russia. Even the always neutral Switzerland has come out against Russia.

The only ones who believe Russia is in the right to invade Ukraine and try to take power are Putin followers like Donald Trump and, of course, the willfully ignorant Trump faithful.

Trump doesn’t like the Ukraine for two reasons. The first is because Putin told him to, and Trump has always done what Putin has instructed. It wasn’t so long ago that Putin put bounties on the heads of US soldiers and Trump allowed it to happen with no repercussions. Instead, Trump calls Putin a “genius.”

The second reason Trump hates the Ukraine is because the country’s president Volodymyr Zelenskyy stood up to him when he tried to blackmail him. It is now well documented that Trump tried to refuse to release hundreds of millions of dollars in U.S. aid authorized by Congress unless Zelenskyy would agree to manufacture an “investigation” into totally made-up accusations against then presidential candidate Joe Biden and his family. Trump only released the aid after being alerted of a whistleblower complaint about his activities.

Zelenskyy is a good man. He stood up to Trump and now he’s standing up to the person controlling Trump: Vladimir Putin.

Former Trump press secretary Stephanie Grisham says the twice impeached Trump follows Putin because he is scared of him. She indicates that Cadet Bone Spurs is a blowhard bully with no backbone who would be hiding under ground right now if he was in office.

Shockingly, Grisham adds that the other reason Trump idolizes Putin is that he wants to be able to kill political opponents, members of the free press, and anyone who speaks out against him the way Putin does. He is truly a disgrace to the US.

I stand by our brothers and sisters in the Ukraine. In an act of solidarity, I have the Ukrainian flag on my Facebook page.

Recently a follower of the Cult of Trump vandalized my Facebook with Putin propaganda. The Cult of Trump follower was irate that I have voiced support for Ukraine. The cult member posted something to the effect of “Why should you care about the Ukraine border? What about protecting the American border?”

I wasn’t aware that Russia was sending military troops to invade the US. But apparently followers of the Cult of Trump think so, otherwise why would they equate what’s happening in the Ukraine with anything happening on US borders?

Or perhaps this Trump fanatic’s American border comment is referring to Russia’s cyber invasion of the US by illegally influencing the 2016 presidential election to install Donald Trump as President of the US. Most Trump cult followers stick their heads in the sand and claim ignorance regarding Russia’s interference in the 2016 election. But it has been verified by the CIA, FBI, and Office of Homeland Security that Russia interfered in the election on Trump’s behalf.

Trump claimed he, his children, and his campaign people had never met with anyone from Russia. However, a Republican special council investigation found over 100 meetings between Trump, Trump’s people, and Russian agents during the campaign. In fact, according to the Dallas News there is also clear evidence tracing Russian money to the campaigns of congressmen Mitch McConnell, Marco Rubio, and Lindsey Graham, as well as former Wisconsin governor Scott Walker among others.

Russia then attempted to repeat its puppetry in the 2020 election. Luckily over 81 million patriots turned out at the polls to vote for President Biden and put an end to Putin controlling the White House.

After being humiliated in the 2020 election and losing by over 7 million votes, Trump’s unparalleled ego drove the almost illiterate failed businessman to make up a baseless lie that he lost the election because of “widespread voter fraud.” The thing about lies is they are easy to disprove with facts.

Asked for any facts that could support his voter fraud claims, Trump and his attorneys couldn’t come up with a single example of actual voter fraud. Republicans like Ron Johnson, Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz, Lauren Boebert, Paul Gosar, and Kevin McCarthy threw tradition and honor to the wind and backed Trump’s latest series of lies, pushing for recounts. Humorously the recounts only proved that Biden won by a bigger margin than originally thought.

In an interview on Fox News, even Trump’s former right-hand man and chief henchman, Attorney General Bill Barr stated that Trump’s denial that he lost the 2020 election is a stunning detachment from reality.

Rolling Stone has published a report identifying American figures like Trump who are actively rooting for Putin’s Russia. These include Fox News host Tucker Carlson, Ohio GOP senate candidate J.D. Vance, and conspiracy theorist Infowars host Alex Jones. In fact, the embrace of Russia and the ensuing dissemination of Putin propaganda has led the FCC to enter into an investigation of certain wireless providers, submarine cable operators, and foreign telecom services that connect US-international phone calls for links to Russian funding.

So far in the FCC investigation, that is being conducted in cooperation with the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice, it has been determined that US-based T&R Productions has received over $100 million from the Russian government to influence content on the RT America network. As a result, according to the Hollywood Reporter, television providers around the world have dropped RT.  

The pro-Russia stance of Fox News hosts like Tucker Carlson and the network-at-large has led some to suspect the network is accepting Russian money. According to Inside Radio, any Russian-owned companies the FCC identifies as potential security risks to the United States could face the risk of being ejected from the US market.

“It does surprise me for some to choose to air Russian-sponsored propaganda,” said National Association of Broadcasters president Curtis LeGeyt of networks like Fox News. “At a time when Russia is intent on destroying democracy around the globe, it runs counter to everything that broadcasters stand for.”

Trump’s version of the Republican Party exists to help millionaires convince poor white people that Blacks and Hispanics are the ones keeping them from achieving the American dream. As such, when the cult follower posted nonsense on my Facebook page it was probably a racially motivated statement about immigration.

The US has long had an immigration problem, especially under Trump’s disastrous administration. But only a Cult of Trump follower would be brainwashed enough to think a mother and her children wanting to immigrate to our country is more devastating than a peaceful country being attacked with missiles, tanks, and armed troops with orders to kill, maim, and destroy.

I make it a policy to not argue with people out of touch with reality. Anyone who uses the word of Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson, Mike Lindell, or Alex Jones as the “facts” of their arguments isn’t capable of having a rational discussion. They are fully brainwashed and cannot be reached.

It’s sad when that happens. I’ve seen it happen to good people. But once you commit to the Cult of Trump, you’ve crossed over into the land of no return. Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene embodied the spirit of Trumpism by recently headlining a white nationalist conference in Florida and joining in cheers for Russia. Ronald Reagan must be turning over in his grave.

Next, they’ll start claiming Trump’s attempted overthrow of the US government on January 6, 2021, via a violent attack on the Capitol was actually some sort of act of patriotism. When you are in a cult, the truth doesn’t matter to you anymore.

Peace. Love. Trust.

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