German Short Film ‘First Dates are Back’ is a Cute Comedy

Making the most of the isolation of the COVID-19 pandemic, German filmmaker Rodja Martin Tröscher set out to create an original, entertaining comedy relying primarily on just his own talents.

First Dates are Back is a very cute movie about a blind date amid COVID quarantine protocols being lifted.

What were your priorities when stores and restaurants started opening up again after being quarantined for the last two years? This film pokes fun at some of those skewed priorities, as well as the more general things that can happen on first dates.

Tröscher wrote and directed this short gem. Taking a page from the Martin Lawrence sitcom Martin, Tröscher plays multiple characters – including characters of both sexes. This alone is good for a few laughs.

Aside from some valuable assistance from cinematographer Urban Ruths, First Dates are Back is primarily a solo project. The kind of tenacity that is required to mount a solo project like this is impressive. I will say it clearly: Rodja Martin Tröscher is an impressive filmmaker.

I won’t divulge what happens on the date in question, but I could definitely empathize with some of the characters’ pains.

First Dates are Back is a polite comedy that, if done by a studio, would probably star someone like Hugh Grant. It runs roughly four minutes and uses the time well. You’ll be entertained.

You can view First Dates are Back on YouTube:

Don’t be afraid to click Like on the First Dates are Back YouTube page. We need to encourage innovative film makers like Tröscher.

The film is in English with German subtitles.

Peace. Love. Trust.

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