Who was in Charge on January 6th?

“What happened to the Capitol would have never happened if the people in charge did their job and looked at the intelligence.” That is a direct quote from Donald Trump regarding the January 6 attack on the Capitol.

Well, guess what? As Rep. Adam Schiff pointed out, Donald, you were in charge on January 6, 2021.

You were in charge of the country. You were in charge of seeing a peaceful transfer of power to the fairly elected next president, but you failed.

Instead, you brought your brainwashed, simple minded followers to Washington D.C., specifically to stop the certification of President Joe Biden. You urged your rebel army to descend on the Capitol. You encouraged violence. And when they did what you wanted and attacked the Capitol, you told them you loved them and that they are special.

So yes, Donald. For once we agree on something. The person in charge on January 6 – YOU! – should be held responsible for the worst attack on Democracy since the Civil War.

Instead, we have a two-bit reality show host and failed businessman running around still spouting the election fraud lies that prompted the January 6 insurrection in the first place.

Trump says he is entitled to tell lies under the freedom of speech provisions of the First Amendment of the Constitution. I’m not a lawyer, so I don’t fully understand how Trump can knowingly yell fire in a crowded theater and get away with it. He knows he lost the election. Yet he feels entitled to call upon his followers to violently defend his lies.

Indeed, investigation shows that in the 1919 case Schenck v. United States and the 1969 case Brandenburg v. Ohio, it was established that freedom of speech does not include words that create a clear and present danger or are likely to incite imminent lawless action. That is exactly what Trump did. His words incited an attack on the Capitol and on the very fabric of this country’s democracy.

So why does Donald Trump get a free pass? Why does he get to continue to tell boldface lies that tear at the very fabric of our democracy?

Attorney General Merrick B. Garland has not moved very quickly to hold Trump accountable for his crimes. It could be Garland is just building an air-tight case. That is the hope. At the same time, what good is an air-tight case if the criminal is still getting away with poisoning our country?

Even if Garland brings charges against Trump and his co-conspirators, it is likely Trump will appeal all the way to the Supreme Court. Sadly, with three corrupt appointments by Trump, the Supreme Court is stacked against democracy.

For the sake of our country, President Biden needs to expand the Supreme Court. However, President Biden has thus far been reluctant to do so.

In truth, the bipartisan House Select Committee investigating the January 6thattempted coup is our last chance for democracy. They must complete their investigation. Vice Chair Liz Cheney has indicated the committee will begin holding public hearings in 2022.

There has been a lot of hubbub about Trump co-conspirators like Jeffrey Clark and Steve Bannon refusing to abide by subpoenas to testify in front of the Select Committee. Don’t think for a moment that this will stop the Committee’s progress. They have had over 250 witnesses testify, most voluntarily.

Like many patriots who love the United States of America, I won’t be satisfied with just public record of Trump’s crimes against this country. He committed many crimes during his presidency, but none worse than attempting a coup. He needs to go to jail.

But will we have that satisfaction of Trump going to prison?

Chances are he’ll flee the country once charges seem imminent. He’ll probably live out his pathetic life in Russia still obsessed with how Joe Biden schooled him in the 2020 election, winning in a landslide victory by over 7 million votes. Poor Donald.

Peace. Love. Trust.

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