Someone will go to jail. Will it be Donald Trump?

Why does Donald Trump always get a pass?

When Bill Clinton was impeached for getting a blowjob, he had to testify for hours.

Trump was twice impeached for actual high crimes and never once testified. He lied every day to the press where he claimed 1st Amendment Rights of freedom of speech protected his right to knowingly deceive millions of Americans, but he wouldn’t do it under oath. He would not take an oath to tell the truth.

It seems like nobody before Trump had the audacity to do things like refuse to release his taxes as generations of presidents before have done or refuse to testify when legally obligated to do so.

Is that all anyone had to do was just refuse?

It seems so simple. Just say ‘no.’

It’s as if Trump is being rewarded for being too stupid to know he can’t do something.

Of course, for every one of Trump’s crimes while President you can also credit his Republican enablers in Congress.

If you are in any doubt about the Republican double standard, consider this: In January 2020 as a defense lawyer for Donald Trump, Kenneth Starr claimed that, in order to defend Trump’s action, it was wrong that he himself had called for Clinton’s impeachment in the infamous Starr Report. It was Kenneth Starr’s report that had, in fact, directly called for Clinton’s impeachment for far less than Trump has been proven guilty of.

In Clinton’s case, he got a blowjob. When he testified under oath that he did not have sex with an intern, he was not considering a blowjob as the act of engaging in sex, reserving that definition to actual vaginal intercourse. It’s a reasonable defense for a ridiculously petty attack.

In Trump’s first impeachment, he was found to have tried to blackmail the leader of Ukraine to manufacture dirt on political rival Joe Biden. He tried to make Congressionally approved monetary aide desperately needed by Ukraine conditional on their falsifying records to make Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, look guilty of fictional crimes. Not exactly a blowjob.

In Trump’s second impeachment, he was found to have incited an insurrection, trying to go against the wishes of the people and prevent the transfer of power to the free and fairly elected President of the United States of America, Joe Biden. It was a deadly attempted coup that resulted in severe injuries to 140 brave police officers defending the Capitol on January 6, 2021. Again, falling a good deal south of blowjob territory.

Trump, of course, continues to spout lies about the election being stolen from him. Former personal attorney and fixer Rudy Giuliani is facing a multi-billion-dollar defamation lawsuit from Dominion Voting Systems over his repeating of Trump’s lies about a stolen election. Why isn’t Trump being sued, too?

And that brings us right back to the original question. Why does Donald Trump always get a pass?

Why does he continue to be allowed to spew lie after lie?

I would like to think that there is a reason for Trump’s appearance of a Teflon exterior that results in him eventually getting his comeuppance. I would like to see Trump’s wealth stripped from him, as that it is what matters most to him. But more importantly, I want to see him behind bars. I want him to be publicly held accountable for his crimes. I want him to be humiliated.

It will be interesting to see what happens with the House investigation into the January 6th Trump Insurrection. Can Trump still get away with just refusing to testify now that he’s not Grand Dragon?

Trump is in unprecedented territory. He is facing a staggering number of both Civil and Criminal charges ranging from defamation of character, to sexual assault, to fraud, to incitement, to tax evasion and financial crimes, and election interference.

Thus far, Trump has always been able to use money and influence to get subordinates to take the fall for him. Former personal attorney and fixer Michael Cohen learned the hard way that Trump will turn his back on an ally in an instant. Giuliani seems to be learning that lesson now.

Someone will go to jail. At the end of the day, the question is: Will it be Donald Trump?

Peace. Love. Trust.

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