Democrats Need to Get in ‘The Name Game’

Democrats have a terrible problem naming things. Defund the Police is a prime example.

The idea behind defunding the police, is to reallocate funds from the police to other social services more equipped to handle emergencies relating to mental illness, homelessness, domestic disputes, etc.

That is a noble mission and had the Democrats titled it Public Services Advancements then the Republicans would have had a hard time brainwashing their sheep followers to reject the idea. Instead, because Democrats are stuck with the ill-conceived Defund the Police moniker, it is easy for Republicans to falsely claim that it is a plot to get rid of police altogether and reduce the country to a state of anarchy.

Well, hell, when you put it like that, it sounds pretty bad. But it’s all just PR.

The Democrats should get Sylvester Stallone to come up with names for their programs. Rocky Balboa. Apollo Creed. Clubber Lang. These are the names of the chosen, those who descend from the heavens like Gods.

Okay, so maybe Sly isn’t the solution to the Democrats’ problem with coming up with good names. But serious consideration among the Democratic leadership should go to finding someone within the party with a gift for PR to help name their positions.

Right now, Trump Republicans are all over the media calling President Biden and the Democratic Party at large Socialists. Of course it’s not true. But Fox News has gone to court to protect their right to make up and promote things they know are lies. Serious, they have. In fact, in defense of Tucker Carlson’s outlandish Trump-pandering lies, Fox News attorneys argued that no intelligent person would believe anything Carlson says is true. So basically, the Fox News position is that if you watch Fox News you must be stupid.

Fox News has never won an Emmy for news coverage. Let that sink in. They are like the Cedric the Entertainer of television stations, if they didn’t have “News” in their name no one would know it was supposed to be news.

In response to Trump Republican accusations of Socialism, Democrats have responded by saying “No we’re not” in a quiet and respectable voice that nobody hears. Instead, we need to fight fire with fire.

I do not claim to have originated this idea, but I think it’s a good one:

Every time Trump Republicans are referred to, they should be referred to as Fascist Trump Republicans. Let them wear the scarlet letter for a change.

PR is a nasty business. So, it makes sense that Trump Republicans are more adept at it. They’re nasty people. But if Democrats and Independents want to win this battle they are going to have to get in the mud.

Traditional Republicans are going to have to get in the battle as well. They are going to have to cross party lines and side with Democrats so they can throw their combined weight against Fascist Trump Republicans. Remember Trump supporters are in the minority in the Republican Party, they just make the most noise.

Now Fascist Trump Republicans like Rep. Andrew Clyde are trying to rewrite history by painting the January 6 Insurrection as being “a tourist visit.” The brave officers who fought to protect the Capitol have begun testimony before the bipartisan House Jan 6th Committee. They unequivocally condemn the attack as an orchestrated coup attempt designed and propelled by Donald Trump.

We need to use these words: Coup. Insurrection. Fascist. We need these poisonous monikers to stick to the Fascist Trump Republicans and never come off.

And I’m serious about the need for creativity and marketing foresight for Democrats when naming programs, bills, and agendas. It’s not about the ingredients list anymore. It’s all about the pretty packaging.

Peace. Love. Trust.

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