Be a Bad Ass – It’s Never too Late to Try

I don’t have a close relationship with my mother. It’s not that either of us is an inherently bad person, we are just two very different people.

My mother’s idea of a good time is hiking nature trails. My idea of camping involves air conditioning and room service. See how we’re not in the same book, much less on the same page?

Even though we are not terribly close, I can still talk about my mother’s most recent accomplishment with a great deal of pride.

My mother lives in a retirement community on the West Coast. She lives in her own house and is very self-sufficient.

In terms of daily routine, nothing is as important to her as her morning swim.

I’m pretty sure there was a mix up at the hospital when I was born, because I don’t swim. I go to the pool to work on my tan.

Recently it was announced that the small town where my mother lives is having a lifeguard shortage. They begged for applicants so they could ensure the pool would be readily available to everyone this summer. Considering that the temperatures have been in the 110° range, residents are going to want to have access to the pool.

My mother is 78 years old, but she was a lifeguard in her younger years. She decided to respond to this new call for action.

For the past two weeks a small group of teenagers and one senior citizen went through lifeguard training and certification classes. On Sunday, June 27, 2021, my 78 year old mother was certified as a lifeguard. To me, that’s pretty bad ass.

So, take a lesson from my mother: You are never too old to try.

My mother is not the only bad ass person to achieve something once thought of as reserved for the youth of society only. There are many examples in history and pop culture of people doing remarkable things even in their later years.

Before he started peddling kitchen grills, boxer George Foreman won the unified WBA, IBF, and lineal heavyweight titles at the age of 45 – the oldest person to ever win a heavyweight boxing championship. He held the lineal titles until he was 48.

Paul Newman didn’t start racing cars until he was 46. He won many championships and continued driving competitively into his 80s.

I like to point to the fact that Marisa Tomei has made age 50 sexy again with her recent film work. I would date her in a heartbeat.

In 1998, John Glenn became the oldest astronaut to go into space at the age of 77.

At age 79, Rosemary Smith became the oldest person to race a Formula 1 car.

Cancer survivor Harriette Thompson became the oldest woman to ever compete in the Suja Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego Marathon at the age of 91 – setting the U.S. record for the fastest time in her age group.

At the tender age of 95, Nola Ochs earned her bachelor’s degree. She then proceeded to earn her master’s degree at age 98.

So, you see: it’s never too late to try. I implore you to never give up on your dreams. People of all ages are capable of great things.

Be your best self. Be bad ass.

Peace. Love. Trust.

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