Broman Music Studios – Your Woodstock Home for Music Lessons

With offices in Woodstock, Crystal Lake, and Chicago, Thresholds is an organization that provides support services for people with certain types of disabilities. Thresholds has many success stories of accomplishments of the people it has helped, including me. Another such success story is Joey Broman – who I write and perform music with under the banner Vagabond Angels.

Like me, Joey is not defined by his disability. Rather, he is defined by his music.  (Unlike me, who is defined by my stunning good looks and incredible modesty.)

Joey plays over a dozen instruments and, with the assistance of Thresholds, recently opened Broman Music Studios – providing instrument lessons and voice lessons to the Woodstock community.

Instruments that Joey is currently offering instruction for include: Voice, Piano, Keyboard, Acoustic Guitar, 12-String Acoustic Guitar, and Electric Guitar.

And you can’t beat the rate: starting at just $10 per hour.

“I love music. It’s like a language to me,” explains Joey. “I get as much out of teaching music as the students. It’s a joy to pass on the knowledge of playing an instrument or finding your singing voice and style.”

Joey got his start in music as a child in school playing in orchestra, jazz band, and pit band. He also studied music independently over the subsequent years.

In addition to being a skilled music teacher, Broman has appeared on albums for the bands The Kranes, Elephant Gun, and (with me) Vagabond Angels.

In my opinion Joey is a musical savant. He doesn’t just play instruments; he actually understands music theory and has a compassionate way about him that makes him a great teacher.

A father himself, Joey is skilled with working with both children and adults.

“The gift of music is something that can last a lifetime. Getting lessons for your child or even yourself can be an incredibly rewarding and uplifting experience. Life is better with music,” offers Joey.

Lessons are available at Broman’s conveniently located Woodstock apartment, at the lesson recipient’s home, or remotely via Zoom or Skype.

To schedule a lesson or for more information reach Joey Broman at (815) 321-2325 or

Peace. Love. Trust.

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