‘Superman and Lois’ is Brilliant TV You Will Fall in Love With

Ever since I was a child, I have loved Superman. I spent my youngest years watching weekend reruns of the old George Reeves black and white Adventures of Superman. Then came Christopher Reeve as Superman on the big screen. Compliment that with a healthy addiction to comic books, and you have a bonafide Man of Steel fan.

There is a new CW series that I am absolutely in love with. Superman and Lois features the two title characters being married with kids. Their two boys Jon and Jordan are high school freshman. John is charismatic and a born leader. Jordan is awkward and struggles to fit in. Only one of them inherits their father’s powers.

Carrying over the characters of Clark Kent and Superman from the CW series Supergirl is Tyler Hoechlin. He is a magnificent Superman. Hoechlin captures the role’s sense of fighting for good and adds depth as a father and husband. He is one of the best Superman actors to date. He is, in fact, my personal favorite Superman to date.

Elizabeth Tulloch is a very capable Lois Lane. Like Hoechlin, she brings with her a history with the character. Tulloch played Lois Lane on television’s The Flash, Supergirl, Batwoman, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow. She is beautiful, determined, and confident, everything the role requires.

The true standout in the series is Jordan Elsass as Superman and Lois’ son Jon Kent. Elsass has that likeability factor that comes through all the time. He’s the kind of charming guy you want to hang out with.

When Lois and Clark decide to move their family from Metropolis to Smallville, Jon goes from being the popular starting quarterback of the football team in Metropolis to social outcast in Smallville. Elsass shows the frustration without ever loosing his likeability. It is a nuanced performance.

As Jon’s socially awkward twin brother Jordan, is Alex Garfin. The young actor is very good at capturing Jordan’s clumsy attempts at socializing. Garfin and Elsass both excel at making their relationship as brothers seem very real. They truly seem to care about each other.

Another recognizable face among the Superman and Lois cast is Dylan Walsh, who fans will remember as Dr. Sean McNamara on the FX series Nip/Tuck. Walsh plays Lois’ father U.S. Army General Sam Kent. I have always enjoyed Walsh’s acting. He is a great addition to the cast of Superman and Lois.

Also in the cast is Emmanuelle Chriqui as Clark’s high school sweetheart Lana Lang. Chriqui is best known for her role on HBO’s Entourage. Her role on Superman and Lois has built since the premier. The writers clearly have intentions of including her in the primary storylines. 

Speaking of writers, the writing for Superman and Lois is fresh yet familiar. It is an easy show to fall in love with, especially if you are a fan of superheroes.

If you are familiar with Superman lore and are looking for a show that is both new and familiar at the same time, you’ll want to give Superman and Lois a shot. It has quickly become one of my favorite television programs.

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