Only 14% of Voters Believe Trump’s Big Lie – Why is the Senate Subservient to Them?

Donald Trump’s Big Lie in which he falsely claims to have won the 2020 U.S. presidential election is having the desired effect on his base. A new Gallup poll finds that 53% of Republicans believe Trump’s Big Lie. It’s a small majority of Republicans, almost deadlocked with the 47% of Republicans who have not been brainwashed.

This 53% sounds intimidating. But is it really?

Take into consideration that currently only 26% of Americans identify as Republicans. Remember, prior to the election there was a grand exiting of the party by life-long Republicans who no longer want to be associated with Trump and his racist, sexist, treasonous, criminal ideals and behavior. Hence, Trump’s devastating defeat with President Joe Biden winning the election by over 7 million votes.

That wasn’t the end of the defections. Even more Republicans left the party after Trump directed an attempted insurrection to overthrow the government that left 5 dead and 140 police officers injured. We’re not talking about scratches and bruises – one officer has brain trauma, one officer was stabbed with a metal stake, one officer lost an eye, and one officer lost three fingers. The list goes on.

So, what’s left? Only a quarter of voters still want to be identified with the party of Trump. That means only 14% of Americans think Trump is president. Yet it is this minute faction that Republicans in Congress are catering to.

This 14% is a vocal faction. That’s for sure. They certainly act like they have the backing of the majority of Americans, but they don’t. They amount to only 14%.

So, is it wise for the Republican Party to be putting its full support behind a lie that only 14% of the voters believe is true? Rep. Liz Cheney didn’t think so, and she was ousted from her leadership position in the party for saying so.

Republicans with honor like the late Senator John McCain are almost nonexistent in the current leadership of the party. Now, the spokespeople for the party talk about Jewish Space Lasers or brag about having sex with underage girls. Not far from their Führer’s rants about windmill cancer and boasting of grabbing women by the p*ssy.

The result? Republican has become a title of shame. In an ideal world, that wouldn’t be. Republican was the affiliation once championed by President Abraham Lincoln, one of our country’s greatest leaders. But now it is the cult of white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and QAnon conspiracy theorists who worship a false idol who cares only for himself.

There should be at least two viable political parties. But right now you have the Democrats and the party of pedophiles and lunatics.

The Republicans in Congress who are failing their constituents by parroting Trump’s Big Lie are also trying to sweep the Trump-led January 6 insurrection under the rug.

There must be an investigation into the Trump insurrection. Sen. Mitt Romney warned his party would be hiding the truth if its members in the Senate were to vote to stop the bipartisan investigation approved by both parties in the House of Representatives. If that happens, we cannot let it stop.

To prevent a vote, Republicans in the Senate are threatening to filibuster. I say make the cowardly Republicans in the Senate truly filibuster – don’t just let them threaten it, make them do it. Make them actually speak to hold the floor and prevent a vote. No stops. No bathroom breaks. No meal breaks. Make them do it for real and see where it gets them.

And in the end? If the Trump Republicans intend to not participate in the investigation into the insurrection, by all means let Speaker Nancy Pelosi create a congressional committee that she can oversee .

Peace. Love. Trust.

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