Netflix ‘The Crew’ a Laugh Out Loud New Series

The Crew is a new 2021 Netflix series starring Kevin James as a NASCAR crew chief. The comedy focuses on the day-to-day hilarities that occur between Kevin and the ensemble racing team when the owner’s daughter takes over control of the business.

For this new series, James sports a shaved head. As someone who has suffered recent hair loss, I empathize with the actor and applaud his bravery.

The series is amusing, and gets more so as the cast finds their groove. You do not have to be a NASCAR fan to enjoy this witty series.

Jillian Mueller plays the twenty-something daughter of the owner of the racing team who is put in charge of operations in the first episode. James is a former driver turned successful crew chief who is highly resistant to the changes Catherine wants to put in place.

Among the supporting cast, there are a number of standouts.

Freddie Stroma plays Jake, the team’s dimwitted but still talented driver. Stoma’s comedic chops shine as the series progresses.

Gary Anthony Williams is divine as Chuck – the guy who makes the car run. Williams’ deadpan delivery is priceless.

Dan Ahdoot is very funny as very insecure chief engineer. His level of insecurity would have fit in well on the Big Bang Theory.

Sarah Stiles is cute and endearing as office manager Beth, who might just have eyes for Kevin.

Paris Berelc provides all the necessary eye-candy for the series as Jesse De La Cruz, an amateur driver looking to land a spot on the team.

The Crew will probably never win any awards. It’s formula comedy done well, but still formula comedy. However not everything you watch has to be award worthy. Sometimes it’s nice to just sit down with a mindless comedy and laugh. That’s what you get with The Crew.

Peace. Love. Trust.

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