Trump and McConnell’s War of Words is Good News for All!

Watching Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell battle each other out in the press should be a delight to most rational thinkers. It is only when those two factions combine their numbers that they can even be in a race with the Democrats. Trump wouldn’t have become President if the rank and file Republicans hadn’t cowed down to the ridiculous demands of his over inflated ego.

Do you remember when he first announced his candidacy? He literally had to pay actors to cheer for him (which we found out after they took him to court for failure to pay). The old guard of the Republican party were aghast at Trump. He epitomized the seven deadly sins and every legitimate politician called him an ignoramus. Even Fox News insinuated they thought Trump to be a vile, ignorant, slob.

But then the higher ups in the Republican party saw how the gullible, the poorly educated, the low income, and white supremacists in general flocked to Trump’s hate speech. And when faced with the choice of supporting Trump’s Russia-backed candidacy or accepting a Hillary Clinton presidency, the old school Republicans couldn’t tolerate a Hillary Clinton White House and put their money behind Trump.

They figured at least the Republican party would go down swinging. But then by some sheer miracle, and certainly not by any planning by Trump, the electoral college votes gave him the presidency despite losing the popular vote by over 3 million votes. That’s the point it became Trump’s party. The party of hillbillies, rednecks, and racists everywhere. The party that considers Nazis “fine people”.

The old school Republicans in Congress could have saddled Trump and his constant lies. But he was willing to pack the courts with ultra conservative justices. He was willing to give handouts to big business. He was willing to give huge tax breaks to the upper 1% that resulted in billionaires paying less in taxes than low-income families. So, they stuck their heads in the sand and let Trump loose.

For four years Trump had unbridled power enabled by a Republican Senate and clearly partisan Justice Department. He broke laws, colluded with hostile foreign countries, and steered millions into his own pockets. All the while the stewards of the Republican party stood by and accepted the dumbing down of the party to a trailer park mentality.

And what did they get for their efforts? An army of violent Trump cult members attacking the Capitol in an act of terrorism and treason at the urgings of Trump himself, his son Donald Trump Jr., and his attorney Rudy Giuliani. It was nothing short of an armed insurrection with Trump supporters seeking to find and kill the Vice President Mike Pence and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

So now that Trump is out of office, he and Senator McConnell are battling it out in the press. Which of the two will hold sway over the party’s positions? It’s rather convenient that McConnell only grew a spine after voting to acquit Trump’s impeachment for planning, cultivating, and executing a deadly insurrection.

However, now McConnell can see the Trump that he helped create as exactly what it is – a monster.

It is important that no one like Trump can ever hold hostage the morals and ethics of our country again.

Joe Biden has already proven that he will be a good president. He is the right man to lead us out of the carnage left by Trump. But Biden can’t do it alone. He needs the cooperation of both parties to get this ship back on course.

Now is the time for McConnell and those he speaks for, to make a decision to put the best interest of the country first and foremost. Now is also the time to cut ties with the Trump cancer that has eaten away at the Republican party. Now is a time to make the Republican party what it currently is not – something to be respected.

Peace. Love. Trust.

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