Donald Trump – It’s as if he Knew the Plan

It is offensive that more Republicans have not come forward to support the impeachment of Donald Trump for inciting an attack on our Capitol.

If you are a member of Congress and you were doing your duty, you were in the Capitol Building on the day of the attack – January 6, 2021. If you were there, you know firsthand that all the members of Congress that were present had to be rushed to hide from the violent mob that had killed a police officer and broken into the Capitol at Trump’s urging. These people wanted to kill you.

It should be unanimous that Donald Trump be impeached and convicted of his crimes. But that would expect all Republicans in Congress to vote according to their Constitutional oath and not by party lines.

We could expect the idiocy of Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley to give Trump a pass on trying to have them killed. After all, Trump called Cruz’s wife ugly and he didn’t have the balls to stand up to the bully. Then again, perhaps Cruz and Hawley were never in fear for their lives during the insurrection. Perhaps they felt such confidence because they helped facilitate the attempted coup. With more and more evidence coming out that the White House and members of Congress participating in the planning of the attack on the Capitol, it certainly is a possibility.

But to have so many Republicans officials put their heads in the sand and oppose impeachment of a man clearly guilty of attempting to overthrow the government is mind boggling.

It is enablers like these so-called public servants that created the monster that Donald Trump is. Donald Trump has gotten away with cheating, lying, and breaking the law all his life because of money and privilege. But this wasn’t just cheating on his taxes – this was a mob brought to Washington D.C. for Trump’s purpose – to interfere with the lawful process of elections and use violence to put himself in power.

These people that Trump brought to D.C. were members of white supremacist hate groups like the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers. They had no intention of peaceful protest.

Isn’t it interesting that when non-violent Black Lives Matters protesters gathered in Washington D.C., Trump retreated to a bunker underneath the White House in fear? Yet, here was a violent attack on the Capitol and he was gleefully watching it unfold on television. You could hear people calling for the death of Vice President Mike Pence. Yet Trump had no fear. It’s almost as if he knew the plan.

Think about that. Think about the words Trump used that day to fire up his followers. It’s almost as if he knew the plan.

Will this be yet another example of Trump getting away with crimes against the fabric of our country? It’s too early to tell. Unlike the first impeachment trial, this time evidence will be allowed to be introduced. Perhaps a dose of the truth will turn a few votes towards conviction.

How many votes will swing towards the righteous conviction of a cult leader who sent his violent followers off to commit an insurrection in his name? That we must wait and see.

I encourage you to call your senators and express that you want them to vote to convict Trump. His crimes against our country should not go unpunished.

Peace. Love. Trust.

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