President Joe Biden: Reversing the Trump Attacks on America

After four years of attacks on our civil rights by Donald Trump and his cronies, it is refreshing to finally have a real president in the White House again.

President Joe Biden has hit the ground running. Unlike Trump whose idea of leading a country involved watching Fox News and tweeting conspiracy theories, President Biden is focused on the American people and strengthening this great nation.

Within the first 48 hours in office, Biden issued more than 30 executive orders aimed at undoing much of the damage that Trump has done. He has also made headway in firing Trump loyalists who had been appointed to positions they were unqualified for.

 Among the executive orders issued by Biden:

  • Restoring the country’s commitment to the World Health Organization
  • Rejoining the Paris climate accords
  • Reversing the ban on immigration from Muslim nations
  • Stopping construction of Trump’s ridiculous border wall
  • Protecting LGBTQ workers
  • Killing the Keystone XL pipeline permit
  • Imposing a ban on drilling in the Artic wildlife refuge
  • Rolling back anti-abortion measures
  • Strengthening the Affordable Care Act
  • Ending the military’s transgender ban

I applaud these moves and look forward to more. Joe Biden has a daunting task ahead of him to right all the wrongs that Trump has done, but he is up to the task.

Trump ran the country like he ran his businesses – straight into bankruptcy. Trump ran added $3.9 trillion to the federal deficit. It will take a smart, ethical man like Biden to undue the damage Trump has done. And, it won’t happen overnight.

Americans are ready for a real president. Trump never cracked a 50% approval rating in his entire four years in office. Trump’s approval rating when leaving office was a dismal 32%. Already Biden has exceeded Trump, lodging a 62% approval rating after his first week in office.

In Trump’s America, civil rights were reserved for wealthy white people. If your skin was any shade of brown, you were not welcome. Under Biden, all races are equal – as evidenced by Kamala Harris, our first vice president of color and Secretary of Interior Deb Haaland, the first Native American cabinet member.

Democrats and Republicans should not be enemies. Both parties should be focused on the best interest of all Americans. Obviously, this did not happen under Trump, who attacked Democrats as if they were the enemy, while cozying up to dictators like Russia’s Vladimir Putin. But with a real leader in office, we can now focus on what is best for all U.S. citizens.

I like Joe Biden. I like Kamala Harris. I like this administration because it is focused not on one person’s fragile ego as it was under Trump. This administration is focused on what it should be focused on – making America a better place for all.

Peace. Love. Trust.

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