From Trump to McConnell to Graham – The Abuse of Power Needs to Stop

As the Senate Majority Leader, Republican Mitchell McConnell has the responsibility of bringing Bills passed in the House of Representatives to the floor of the Senate to be voted on.

It is NOT the Senate Majority Leader’s job to only bring bills he wants to the floor for a vote. Yet that is exactly how McConnell has treated his job since he gained the title in 2015.

There are over 395 House Bills on McConnell’s desk awaiting a Senate vote.

“Think of me as the Grim Reaper” McConnell stated on Fox News on June 17, 2019 in reference to the chance of him brining any of the Bills to the Senate for a vote. He relishes in his refusal to seek bipartisan cooperation in government.

Take into consideration the recent call for $2,000 stimulus payments to go out to rescue the millions of Americans hit so hard during the COVID-19 pandemic. Democrats supported a $2,000 check to each person. Republicans supported a $2,000 check to each person. Even Donald Trump said he supported a $2,000 check to each person. McConnell wouldn’t bring it to the Senate floor for a vote.

In other words, McConnell sees himself as above the interests of American voters. And the other Republicans in the Senate let him get away with it.

This is an example of what is wrong with politics – when one man can abuse the power of his position to subvert the will of the people. And we all know McConnell isn’t the only one abusing his power.

Think about Senator Lindsey Graham who tried to illegally influence the election in states he is not even from asking for legitimate votes to be thrown out. That is certainly someone who sees himself as above the interests of American voters.

Think about Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton who filed a lawsuit against four other states because those other states didn’t vote for Trump in the 2020 Presidential Election. Really? You wanting your candidate to win supersedes the interests of 81,283,485 U.S. voters?

Of course, you can never forget about Trump himself. For him, subverting the interests of the people is a daily occurrence. He colluded with a hostile foreign nation to gain the presidency, he committed obstruction trying to cover it up, he withheld Congressionally approved financial support to the Ukraine unless they would do personal favors for him, and he has declared himself the winner of an election he lost by over 7 million votes and is actively trying to find any loophole possible to stay in office. It doesn’t even include his violations of the Emoluments Clause that makes it constitutionally illegal to profit from the office of President (yet he does).

And now we have 11 Senators stating they will vote against lawfully elected President Joe Biden’s certification, simply because they (not the voters they represent) want a different candidate in office. What these elected officials are doing is called sedition and they should be removed from office without delay.

Remember these names: Ted Cruz (Texas), Ron Johnson (Wisconsin), James Lankford (Oklahoma), Steve Daines (Montana), John Kennedy (Louisiana), Marsha Blackburn (Tennessee), Mike Braun (Indiana), Cynthia Lummis (Wyoming), Roger Marshall (Kansas), Bill Hagerty (Tennessee), and Tommy Tuberville (Alabama).

These men and women are engaged in a conspiracy to overthrow a legally elected government. Doesn’t that matter?

It is time for a major overhaul of our political system. We must learn from our mistakes. We need to institute policies and precures that will prevent these types of abuses of power from happening again.

Peace. Love. Trust.

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  1. Trump, Cruz, and the rest of the gop seeking to overthrow a legal election should be taken into custody, charged with treason, tried, and when found guilty, hung. This nation does not need to allow this type of behavior from anyone, and we do need to stop it in its tracks. This is not the time for the dems to want to be peacemakers, it is the time for us to put our laws to work and punish those responsible for this treasonous behavior. To do otherwise will allow those traitors to continue this behavior until they have enough control to contest evey election they don’t win.

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