Donald Trump – A Case for the Worst President in U.S. History

Christmas is coming and, on its heels, we get the present of a real U.S. President when Joe Biden is sworn into office on January 20, 2021.

The last four years under Russian agent Donald Trump have been excruciating to endure as he actively tried to destroy our once great nation. Had Trump not lost I would be making arrangements to move to another country. But he did lose. He lost by over 7 million votes; a landslide in anyone’s book.

It is widely accepted that Donald Trump is a Russian puppet who has been doing Vladimir Putin’s bidding since taking office. Aided by the equally corrupt United States Attorney General Bill Bar and Republican Senate party leader Mitch McConnell, Trump has used the office of President to put millions of dollars in his own pockets while blocking aid for citizens struggling to survive during a grossly mismanaged COVID-19 pandemic.

Undoubtedly Trump will go down in history as the most corrupt and least intelligent U.S. President of all time. Already Joe Biden has a higher approval rating than Trump, and he hasn’t even taken office yet. In fact, Trump has been the least popular president ever, never even breaking a 50% approval rating. Further, 42% of voters already cite Trump as the worst president in the history of our nation.

Trump still can’t accept the fact that he lost the 2020 presidential election. It shouldn’t have been a surprise. Biden had a double-digit lead over Trump in all the polls leading up to the election, including polls by Fox News. – a favorite propaganda source of the Trump administration. But when you ignore facts that you don’t like, reality is always going to be a surprise.

Of course, no one can accuse Trump of living in reality. Even though Trump’s own Department of Homeland Security called the election “the most secure in American history” Trump and his enablers are trying to claim fraud without any evidence. Trump has filed over 60 lawsuits challenging the election and has lost all but one because there simply is no evidence of fraud. People just don’t like Trump and wanted him out of office. Case closed.

Yet, Trump isn’t alone in his attack on democracy. Knowing full well that the election was secure and accurate, 126 House Republicans signed on to a lawsuit by Texas to try to overturn the will of American voters. The Supreme Court refused to hear the absurd case. It is my contention that these 126 republicans be removed from Congress based on their treasonous actions. I’m not alone, many people who feel strongly about our country and the Constitution upon which it was founded are calling for this action.

It is going to take time to undo the damage that Trump and his enablers in the DOJ and Congress have done to the fabric of America. But we can do it. We can truly make America a great nation once again. But, it requires far more than just wearing a stupid red hat.

So, join me as we welcome the new Joe Biden/Kamala Harris administration. There are good things to come.

Peace. Love. Trust.

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