Theatre in the Dark ‘War of the Worlds’ is an Audio Drama for the Ages

Theatre in the Dark is a young Chicago-based theater company with a unique slant. As the name of their company suggests, their plays are meant to be experienced in the dark. This performance style lends itself well to trying to keep theater alive during the pandemic via Zoom broadcast.

Theatre in the Dark is currently performing an original adaptation of H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds. The production is performed via Zoom, but you do not watch it. You darken the room you are in, relax, and listen to a stunning piece of audio drama.

War of the Worlds is a story about a Martian invasion of earth. The most famous adaptation of War of the Worlds is the radio version presented on Halloween 1938 by Orson Wells. In that case, the radio broadcast was so realistic that listeners actually thought the earth was under alien attack. Steven Spielberg also did a film adaptation in 2005 starring Tom Cruise that received favorable reviews.

The Theatre in the Dark production features an original version of the story, updated to modern times, and set in Chicago. Whereas the 1938 radio broadcast and the 2005 film focused on the invasion itself, the Theatre in the Dark audio drama provides much of its action after the invasion as a resistance starts to grow.

The new adaptation is directed by Corey Bradberry from a script by Bradberry and Mack Gordon. The script is fresh and engaging– a truly dynamic piece of writing. The cast of six includes the voice talents of Robinson J. Cyprian, Lauren Ezzo, Mack Gordon, Ming Hudson, Elizabeth McCoy, and Alex Morales. The small cast take on multiple roles to provide a flawless interpretation of this new version of a classic story.

Unlike some theaters that record a Zoom reading and re-broadcast it for audiences, Theatre in the Dark actually performs War of the Worlds live each night. This adds to the wow factor of this brilliant production.

It would be remiss to discuss Theatre in the Dark’s brave new adaptation of War of the Worlds without paying homage to the original music by composer Ben Zucker. His music fits the epic tale perfectly.

The Theatre in the Dark masterpiece is presented Tuesdays through Sundays each week. All performances are at 8 PM Central, except for Sundays which has performances at 7 PM Central. The production offers “Pay What You Can” tickets, with proceeds going directly to the performers.

The cast is remarkable. The script is top notch. The music and sound effects build the mood flawlessly. Thanks to the virtual performance space, you can enjoy this amazing theatrical event from anywhere.

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