Removing a Mentally Unfit President

Donald Trump lies all the time. The Washington Post has kept a tally of Trump Untruths since he took office. Although the number grows every day, as of today Trump’s lies stands at 20.055 in the last 1,267 days.

I have heard it argued that Trump does not even realize he lies. The argument is that he has a psychological condition whereby he assumes if he says it, it must be true. I actually find that believable to a degree. Trump has a psychological condition, that is readily apparent. How it affects his relationship with the truth is of debate.

But that begs the question: should someone with a psychological condition be disqualified from holding public office? This is not a cut and dry question. While I think Trump is dangerously unqualified to hold public office of any kind, as a disabled person who has considered running for public office, I would be directly affected by such a rule.

I do not think people with psychological diagnosis should be automatically barred from public office. I pride myself on being an example of what a disabled person with a psychological diagnosis can do. Despite my condition, I host a radio show, I run a theater company, I write books and screenplays, I perform in films, television, and stage productions, I play in a band, and most importantly I am the father to two amazing children. Do I have limitations? Of course, but I think my achievements demonstrate that the disabled are not without talent.

So, I am not in favor of any laws that would throw a blanket restriction against any person with a psychological diagnosis serving in public office.

At the same time, there must be some rule of law to prevent a severely unhinged person from causing irrevocable damage to this great country. The person in office needs to be able to perform the basic duties of that office.

The hope would be that if a person were unfit for office, they would resign. But sadly people who are in the throes of mental illness don’t necessarily have the ability to realize the damage they are doing. Take Trump as an example.

This week Trump declared himself a “perfect physical specimen” despite having COVID-19 and being at least 100 pounds overweight. In what can only be described as “lunatic tirades” Trump has called for former Vice President Joe Biden to be jailed. For what crime? Well, that is apparently a secret because Trump will not say why.

Maybe in Trump’s mind, Joe Biden leading him double digits in every major political poll including Fox News is a crime. But is that acceptable behavior for a president? By that logic, if I was president, I could make consuming broccoli a crime simply because I don’t like it. That does not sound like good governing to me.

Should a sitting president be allowed to lie 20,000 times to the voters in under four years?  I would think that telling the truth should be a basic requirement of the job of president.

Should a sitting president be allowed to try to coerce a foreign government to fabricate dirt on his political opponent in exchange for aid that Congress had already approved? Obviously not since Trump was impeached for this.

Should a sitting president be viewed as acceptably competent for their job if they make up stories about windmill cancer and encourage people scared of COVID to inject themselves with Clorox? That is the reality of what is going on in the Trump administration.

Should a sitting president call a worldwide pandemic a “hoax” because he doesn’t want it to be true, even though he knows that the threat is real? We have lost over 200,000 innocent lives to Trump’s mishandling of COVID-19. All, or at least most, of these deaths could have been easily avoided if the U.S. had competent, honest leadership in the White House.

Any sane person can see that Trump is mentally ill. He is out of touch with reality and his disability is risking the lives of millions of Americans. He is unfit to serve in the office of President of the United States.

On October 9, 2020, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi introduced a bill to create a “Commission on President Capacity.” This stop gap would allow Congress to intervene and remove Trump from office via the 25th Amendment. The 25th Amendment can be invoked by Congress when the president is incapable of fulfilling their role – as Trump has displayed with his diminished capacity.

Pelosi did not take this step lightly. Trump is clearly not well, and we must think about the health of our country – both immediately and in the long term.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his vice-presidential running mate Kamala Harris are fine examples of upstanding civil servants with the best interests of all Americans at heart.  Whether Trump is removed from office via the 25th Amendment or not, we need to be focused on what we as a people can do to recover from the crimes Trump has perpetrated against this country that we love so dearly.

The best thing we can all do to turn our country around is Vote Blue across the board this 2020 election. We need real leadership in the White House and in Congress. That can happen. It is up to you to vote Democrat this election.

I am doing my part. I have already received my Vote by Mail ballot and have turned it in at a designated collection location.

Now I put the question to you: What are you willing to do to save our country from this mentally ill fascist? Start by voting for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Vote for the Democratic candidates in your congressional races well. Vote Blue.

Together we can save our country.  

Peace. Love. Trust.

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