The Cult of Trump

I was recently faced with the question of if there is anything that can get through the brainwashing of a Trump supporter. I fear there is not.

Trump supporters will never be deterred from their adoration for the man. They have a cult mentality. They have lost sense of reason and will accept any flimsy excuse he gives them. All he has to do is say “Fake News” and they’ll believe it.

I know veterans who consider themselves true patriots who are now okay with Russian interference because Trump says it’s okay. There is no person they would ever believe to sway them from Trump. Not their parents. Not their siblings. Not the Pope. Like with a cult follower, they would have to be deprogrammed to ever have rational thoughts again.

Trump followers, in general, fall into two categories. On the one hand, you have the ultra rich, who tolerate Trump’s incompetence on most issues as long as they get tax breaks,  bailout money, and inflated government contracts, On the other hand you have the uneducated poor.

It is the poor and uneducated followers that you almost feel pity for. They’re gullible and simpleminded, easily brainwashed by propaganda pumped out by FOX News and Trump’s hate-filled campaign speeches. They are even prone to violence to protect their Führer.

Trump is a racist, a sexist, and a homophobe. He’s a bully calling people names and attacking their reputations. The simple-minded soak up the hate speech against other races, other religions, and other political parties and take ownership of it.

In Trump world, it is up to their Führer what is right and wrong. It’s an “us against them” mentality, wherein Trump inserts a different “them” based upon his needs. Trump doesn’t like the Canadian Prime Minister? Canada’s evil. Trump doesn’t like people of the Muslim religion? Muslims are evil. Trump doesn’t like democrats?  Democrats are evil. Trump doesn’t like what the impartial press says about him? The media is evil.

Trump’s playbook comes straight out of Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler’s autobiographical manifesto. For Hitler the scapegoats were Jews and gays. For Trump its Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, and Liberals. Who the target is doesn’t matter as long as he can stir up hate for them.

It’s telling that Trump attacks U.S. allies and cozies up to dictators and fascists. He has no interest in being President and serving the needs of the people. To him it’s “what can I get out of the presidency? How can I profit from it?”

The Trump era will end in November when former Vice President Joe Biden wins the presidency. At least that’s what we must all pray for.

Trump supporters won’t take the election of a democrat to the white house lying down. Trump has indicated he will have to be forcibly removed from the White House, and Bill Barr has indicated he sides with 45. You better believe that if Trump says he lost the election unfairly, Trump supporters are going to back him.

Things will get dark before the dawn. Trump has a dangerous control over his simpleton followers. If he calls for violence, his followers will take to the streets. Trump and Barr were willing to tear gas peaceful protesters so they could have a photo op in front of a church Trump has never been in, holding a Bible Trump has never read. Clearly, they have no aversion to advocating violence.

Trump is a cult leader. He legitimizes people’s racist beliefs. He fans the flames of hatred and bigotry. I fear that these gullible followers are going to be a lost generation – they will never be in touch with the mainstream. They will always be wrapped around his finger with a web of hatred at all things different. They will forever be caught up in the Cult of Trump.

It is the responsibility and obligation of every able bodied person of voting age to get to the polls or vote by mail to rid America of the Russian asset currently tarnishing the White House. We need a leader committed to America and America’s values. We need President Joe Biden.

Peace. Love. Trump.

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