Endorsing Joe Biden for President

I am always amazed by the percentage of people who do not exercise their right to vote.  In 2016, 46.9% of eligible voters did not go to the polls. That must change. The fate of our country is at stake.

The November 2020 Presidential Election is possibly the most vital election in our nation’s history. It has come down to a two-party race between Republican Donald Trump and presumptive Democratic nominee Vice President Joe Biden. On the side of Trump, we have lies and hatred. On the side of Biden, we have hope.

In 2016, Donald Trump lost the popular vote by 3 million votes, but was gifted the presidency by an archaic electoral college system. And even then, his votes were only thanks to his cooperation with Russia – a hostile foreign country – to  criminally influence the election.

Since taking office Trump has failed to fulfill any of his campaign promises. He did not build a wall, and Mexico sure did not pay for it. He did not reveal his taxes, in fact he has repeatedly gone to court to block subpoenas calling on him to produce them. He did not decrease the deficit, instead he ballooned the deficit by adding another $1.9 trillion. He said he’d never have time to go golfing because he would be working so hard, instead he has played golf 283 times since taking office, more than any other president He spent 22 percent of his time in office on golf courses.

Trump is a clown; a false prophet spewing lies and hatred. In the past four years he has proven himself unworthy of the office of President of the United States of America. He has used the office for personal profit and gain. It got him impeached. Even that did not stop him as he continues to sell out the interests of U.S. citizens to Russia. He has not once condemned Russia for putting bounties on the heads of U.S. soldiers. Let that sink in. Now his ineptitude in handling the coronavirus has led to the deaths of over 161,000 Americans – more than the number of U.S. troops killed in the Vietnam War.

Joe Biden is a seasoned veteran leader, who is capable of stepping into the role of President and making immediate changes to save our country from the destruction Trump has caused in his time in office. What I find most encouraging is that Biden has show a willingness to evolve his positions on issues to increase appeal to left-leaning progressives like myself who had previously campaigned for liberal candidates like Senator Bernie Sanders and Senator Elizabeth Warren. I think bringing Biden over to Medicare for all and free college education are realistic goals based on his most recent talking points.

The 2020 Presidential Election has come down to a choice between Good and Evil. We can elect Joe Biden to the office of president, and we can begin to heal as a nation from the corruption of Donald Trump. Or, we can have four more years of Trump’s evil attack on the U.S. I honestly do not think we could recover from four more years of Trump.

It is with great pleasure and great confidence that I endorse Joe Biden for President.

I encourage you to exercise your right to vote – whether that be by mail or at the polls.

A vote for Biden is a vote for making racism wrong again.

A vote for Biden is a vote for saving the environment.

A vote for Biden is a vote for Social Security and Medicare.

A vote for Biden is a vote for cutting the national deficit.

A vote for Biden is a vote for a living minimum wage.

A vote for Biden is a vote for education.

A vote for Biden is a vote for hope.

Vote Joe Biden for President.

Peace. Love. Trust.

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