The Solution to Trump’s Dissemination of Disinformation

If you can separate out the emotional outrage, it’s interesting to hear Trump supporters talk. The amount of disinformation these poor gullible souls have digested is staggering.

For instance, I have heard Trump fanatics say they voted for him because of his success as a businessman and they want him to do for America what he has done in business.

Trump’s father was a slum lord who also belonged to the Klu Klux Klan. He gave Donald $413 million to start his career off. Had Donald just invested the money he would have more money now than he has trying to flounder his way through business deals.

The fact is Donald Trump has gone bankrupt six times. Let that sink in.

That’s not the sign of a good businessman. That’s the sign of a failure.

And sadly, Trump is running America just like his businesses – straight down the toilet.

In the three years Trump has been in office he has increased the national debt $5.2 trillion.

Trump supporters will often cheer that the failed businessman they put in office is rescuing America by entering a trade war with China. The administration lies to his followers, telling them that China is paying the high tariffs he has put in place. Sadly, that is not true.

Trump’s trade war with China has cost 300,000 U.S. jobs, and Americans have paid an extra $46 billion in tariffs (translating to an additional cost of $600 a year to the average U.S. household).

That doesn’t even take into account the billions in losses of U.S. farmers. Agricultural exports to China from the U.S. were at $15.8 billion in 2017. Under Trump’s disastrous attempts at leadership, agricultural exports fell to $5.9 billion in 2018 – that’s a 63% drop.

Our farmer’s literally have crops rotting in the fields as they face bankruptcy. Yet, to hear Trump supporters talk, he is the savoir of the agricultural marketplace and the U.S. is “winning” against China.

Where do Trump supporters get these far-fetched notions that Trump has even one iota of business sense or that he has made any accomplishments for the country? Usually from the man himself.

The highly respected Washington Post has carefully fact-checked Trump’s many claims. It comes as little surprise that Trump has told over 18,000 lies since taking office. According to Forbes, since April 2020, Trump has told 23.3 lies per day.

Even the COVID-19 pandemic is fodder for Trump to mislead his sheep. To hear Trump supporters talk, the President has been a savoir – bravely pioneering the way to health. The fact is, however, that Trump spent months ignoring the threat of the virus, calling it a hoax. People are dying and he calls it a hoax!

The Washington Post estimates that 62,194 coronavirus deaths in the U.S. were directly caused by Trump’s failure to take action. He was advised about the potential threat in January but took no action for months. MONTHS!

Trump has compounded the damage he has caused by undermining his administration’s scientists. Despite his claims to the contrary, he’s just not a smart person. He literally suggested that a cure to the coronavirus would be to inject patients with disinfectant household cleaners.

Try telling that to a Trump supporter, though. As far as they’ve been told by their “leader” he never said that – despite widely available video to the contrary.

This is somewhat similar to how Trump supporters claim he’s not racist, that it’s just the media trying to make him look bad. This is a white man who told congresswomen of color to “go back where you came from” – despite the fact that they were born in the U.S. And, remember that Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign was founded on calling Mexicans rapists and criminals and claiming we need a wall to protect us from them.

But Trump supporters aren’t exposed to the facts. They live on a diet of Trump lie after Trump lie. And that’s why I pity them. These are poor gullible souls that people like Trump can manipulate through the dissemination of disinformation.

It is sad that people can be this gullible. If only they could open their eyes. If only we could click our heels together three times and go back to a world of normalcy.

Come November we do have that chance. And it’s not much harder than clicking your heels together. All you have to do is Vote Blue come November.

Peace. Love. Trust.

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