Centrist Candidate Not Likely to Win in 2020 Presidential Election

There is evidence that the Democratic National Committee is pushing for a centrist candidate in the 2020 Presidential Election, their preference being Vice President Joe Biden.

I caution that his would be a mistake.

In 2016 the DNC disregarded that the popular candidate among Democratic voters was Bernie Sanders, yet the political body asked him to take one for the team, instead pushing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton through as the Democratic candidate.

It was a mistake then, and it would be a mistake now.

It is widely accepted that Bernie Sanders would have beat Donald Trump in a head to head match up in 2016.

Voters don’t want a centrist candidate. They want change.

Donald Trump became president because people wanted change and he promised to deliver it.

Well, guess what. He lied. He didn’t deliver any of the ridiculous things he promised like having Mexico pay for a wall. He didn’t even deliver on the easy things like releasing his taxes.

Voters didn’t get change with Trump. They got their worst nightmare – a racist, sexist, liar-in-chief.

The majority of people still want change. They will vote for a Bernie Sanders given the chance.

I don’t think you have those same odds with a centrist candidate.

Hardcore Democrats are going to vote for whoever the candidate is. It’s the undecided Democrats, Republicans, and Independents whose vote is at stake.

They don’t want a Hillary Clinton or a Joe Biden. Maybe in a popular vote, but not enough for an electoral college win.

If the DNC really wants to win, they will back a candidate with a vision for change.

It’s time for a Bernie Sanders Democratic ticket.

It’s time to win back the White House.

Peace. Love. Trust.

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