Donald Trump – A Self Made Man?

Donald Trump claims to be a self-made billionaire. During the 2016 presidential campaign he reiterated this over and over again.

Eventually, he was caught in his lie and confessed that he received $1 million from his father to start him in his own business ventures. Later, he admitted that the gift from his father was more in the line of $10 million.

Now, thanks to the very reputable New York Times, we learn that Trump was actually given over $400 million by his father. That doesn’t sound much like Trump is a self-made man.

Despite his claims to the contrary, Donald Trump is not very smart – impartial media have estimated Trump’s vocabulary to be that of a 4th grader. Nor is Trump a very good businessman. His businesses have filed for bankruptcy at least six times.

Considering that Donald Trump lost the 2016 election by over 3 million votes, and was only awarded the presidency by an archaic electoral college, expectations were not high for his venture into politics. Not only that, but the votes he did get in the election were clearly tainted by Russian efforts to undermine the government of the United States of America. There is no doubt that Trump is a traitor guilty of treason. We can only hope that special counsel Robert Mueller can soon force the impeachment of Trump, or better yet the nullification all together of his illegally obtained presidency.

It is not new information that Donald Trump lies. Independent respected media have analyzed Trump’s hatred of the truth. It has been calculated that Trumps lies to the American public at least seven times a day. And for some sick reason, the Republicans in the Senate and Trump’s minority followers in the general population forgive him for his daily transgressions.

If Barack Obama had lied even once while in office, Republicans would have called for his head. But, we are supposed to accept Trump lying to us day in and day out. He calls his lies “alternative facts” as if labeling a lie by another name make it somehow okay.

In fact, Donald Trump’s own legal team are trying desperately to prevent him from having to make any sworn statements to Mr. Mueller because they are convinced he will perjure himself.

It is a sad statement about our society that a storied and respected political party like the Republicans can ignore the best interests of the American people and the sanctity of the country itself. Instead they stand by a man guilty of treason who continues to illegally profit from the presidency. Not only does he lie, not only did he commit treason, he is a proven racist, sexist, elitist, and sexual predator facing 20 sexual assault charges.

On top of everything else, Donald Trump is a bully. He makes fun of disabled people, war heroes, and victims of sexual assault. He calls people names like an immature child would. Yet his delusional followers embrace his racism. Remember he called Nazi’s “very good people.”

It is astounding that a blatant racist and liar can hold the highest office in the land. This nightmare cannot end soon enough and that time is coming. Mueller will soon file charges against Trump and the special election in November will allow the majority of U.S. citizens who despise all Trump stands for to take back control of the Senate. But what can we do to make sure the travesty of justice that Trump represents will never happen again?

That’s a question we all need to ask ourselves.

Peace. Love. Trust.

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