Another Wacky Dream

I had another really bizarre dream last night. I rarely remember my dreams, but this one was so vivid it stuck with me.

In my dream my sister, who started taking college classes when she was in 6th grade, already has multiple degrees, and lives in another part of the county, for some reason was attending classes at Harper College – a local community college in the Chicago area.

In order to have use of my sister’s car, I was dropping her off at class one evening. To my delight, I discovered there was a class on How to Record a Voice Over Demo. This was exciting because in real life getting into voice over work is something I am really interested in.

So, I enrolled in the class. For some reason the college campus was straight out of Hogwarts.

After getting dreadfully lost trying to find the classroom, a kindly secretary in a witch costume finally guided me to the right room.

The teacher was this hippy guy and he passed out goodie bags including pot brownies, pot lollipops, and other marijuana edibles.

Among my classmates were members of the Spice Girls – an 90’s pop group. Also in the class were members of New Kids on the Block – one of the original Boy Bands.

Talk about a crazy dream. After class, the NKOTB classmates reunited with the rest of the band to perform in the hallways.

I was a bit sad to wake up and discover the pot-infused goodie bag was just in my dream.

Although, had the goodie bag been real, it would have gone a long way towards explaining my wacky dream.

Peace. Love. Trust.

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  1. That is one wacky dream. I’m sorry that the baggie with the pot edibles in it was only in your dream. I’ve had wacky dreams myself. Anyways this post made me laugh out loud at the part where you said that the college campus was straight out of Hogwarts. Thank you for making me laugh Rikki Lee Travolta.

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