Living the Crazy Dream Life

I’ve been having some wild dreams as of late.

The other night, I dreamt that I auditioned for the band KISS and was named their new lead singer by Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons.

I even had my own makeup (white face with a black strip running across my eyes – reminiscent of Native American warrior paint) and my own character name: Samurai.

Well last night’s dream was a doozy.

I dreamt that I was still in high school and that I did a semester abroad. But abroad wasn’t across country boundaries. Rather, abroad was at Southern Illinois University (but remember, I was still in high school. Not sure how that all works).

Anyway, I returned home for my final semester of high school and made it just in time to audition for two musicals being simultaneously cast: Oklahoma! and The King and I.

Did I get the part?

Don’t know. I woke up after they announced that the cast would be posted on Monday.

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